Cattle Egret

Recent sightings

24/09/23Cattle EgretFleethill Farm1J C Morgan
in with horses in field by river at end of 2. on way back it had relocated to pony paddocks on other side of river in hants. Private site, view only from footpath.  
16/09/23Cattle EgretLea Farm Lake1J E Warren
ad. Found and photographed by Me. Pics on BOC Facebook page. SU782734.  


Cattle Egret
Cattle Egret
Cattle Egret
Cattle Egret
Cattle Egret
Cattle Egret
Cattle Egret
Cattle Egret
Cattle Egret
Cattle Egret
Cattle Egret
Cattle Egret
Cattle Egret
Cattle Egret
Cattle Egret


2022Cattle Egret, Sonning, 2, 2nd September. *
2022Cattle Egret, Sonning, 2, 21st August. *
2022Cattle Egret, Padworth Lane GP, 2, 24th May to 17th September. *
2022Cattle Egret, Theale GPs, 4, 1st May to 1st November. *
2022Cattle Egret, Lea Farm Lake, 2, 27th April. *
2022Cattle Egret, Greenham Common, 17th April. *
2022Cattle Egret, Lower Farm GP, 3, 11th April. *
2022Cattle Egret, Chamberhouse Marsh, 4, 10th-14th April. *
2022Cattle Egret, Twyford GPs, 30th March. *
2022Cattle Egret, Holyport, 1st March. *
2021Cattle Egret, Sonning Farm, 5, 3rd-19th November. *
2021Cattle Egret, Lea Farm Lake, 16th October. *
2021Cattle Egret, Queen Mother Reservoir, 5, 16th October. *
2021Cattle Egret, Moor Green Lakes, 2, 14th April. *
2021Cattle Egret, Sheffield Bottom, 10th-12th April, same as Theale GPs. *
2021Cattle Egret, Theale GPs, 4, 6th-25th April. *
2020Cattle Egret, Lower Farm GP, 25th September to 23rd December. *
2020Cattle Egret, Theale GPs, 21st September. *
2020Cattle Egret, Charvil, 11th-12th September. *
2020Cattle Egret, Dinton Pastures CP, 16th August. *
2020Cattle Egret, Lea Farm Lake, two, 24th April. *
2020Cattle Egret, Charvil, two, 24th April, Same as Lea Farm GP. *
2019Cattle Egret, Moor Green Lakes, 14th September. *
2019Cattle Egret, Eton Wick, 4th June. *
2019Cattle Egret, Horton GPs, 13th April. *
2019Cattle Egret, Moor Green Lakes, 30th March. *
2019Cattle Egret, Theale GPs, 26th March to 23rd April. *
2019Cattle Egret, Theale GPs, 11th-29th January, same as Englefield. *
2019Cattle Egret, Englefield, 1st-28th January. *
2018Cattle Egret, Fobney Meadow, 18th October to 5th November.
2018Cattle Egret, Lower Farm GP, 16th-23rd September, two on 16th, seven on 18th, five on 19th September, one on 23rd September.
2018Cattle Egret, Theale GPs, 8th-16th September.
2017Cattle Egret, Lea Farm Lake, adult, 10th May, same as Twyford GPs.
2017Cattle Egret, Twyford GPs, adult, 10th May, same as Lea Farm GP.
2017Cattle Egret, Woolhampton GPs, 17th March.
2016Cattle Egret, Queen Mother Reservoir, 4th November.
2015Cattle Egret, Spencers Wood, 21st December.
2014Cattle Egret, Cock Marsh, adult, 12th May.
2012Cattle Egret, Sulhamstead, 20th March to 5th April.
2010Cattle Egret, Sulhamstead, two, 4th December.
2009Cattle Egret, Padworth Lane GP, adult, 30th-31st July.
2007Cattle Egret, Lower Farm GP, 14th October.
1995[Cattle Egret, Twyford GPs, 13th-14th August.]

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