Mealy Redpoll

Recent sightings of Mealy Redpoll

13/03/21Mealy RedpollWellington College1H Wright
Possible. Single Redpoll, appears larger and clearly lighter than Lesser Redpoll which are regular, but with Siskin and a single Brambling so no Lesser Redpoll for direct comparison. Trying to see it again.  
16/03/19Mealy RedpollWinkfield1F Hughes
male. With lesser redpolls and goldfinches ftom 4 metres on sunflower heart feeders.This bird is markedly more aggressive,larger thanL.P.Holds the feeder against other species.Sorry,no photo equipment available.  
15/03/19Mealy RedpollWinkfield1F Hughes
Onsunflower heart feeder dish then went to sleep in Viburnam.Also usual siskins and goldfinches.  
12/03/19Mealy RedpollWinkfield1F Hughes
On sunflower heart feeders.Also back at 12.00.Driving away goldfinches.  
11/03/19Mealy RedpollWinkfield1F Hughes
male. Good deal larger than lesser redpolls we had last yearOn sunflower hearts in full breeding plumage,along with siskins and goldfinches.  
03/02/18Mealy RedpollWinkfield5F Hughes
3m 2f. On sunflower heart feeder in garden.  
21/11/15Mealy RedpollNew workings, Moor Green Lakes1D Flack
In with the Lesser Redpoll and linnet flock by the sewage works, but spooked off by a passing sparrowhawk. Please only view from the public footpath.  
15/02/14Mealy RedpollBracknell2J Cooper
10/02/14Mealy RedpollBracknell1R Righelato
On a garden feeder: record with photo from June Cooper, 14 Deansgate, Bracknell, RG12 7HQ. Submitted to BRC.  
10/02/14Mealy RedpollBracknell1J Cooper
Regular visitor since I first noticed it last Thursday.  

Past records of Mealy Redpoll

2019Winkfield, 11th-16th March. *
2018Sulhamstead, three, 30th March. *
2018Wishmoor Bottom, c.20, 18th February. *
2018Winkfield, 3 male & 2 female, 3rd February. *
2018Windsor Great Park, 20th January. *
2014Blacknest Gate, first-winter, 27th March.
2014Brimpton GP, 10th March.
2014Greenham Common, 2nd March to 6th April, 3 trapped.
2014Aldermaston GP, 21st February to 27th March, trapped .
2014Bracknell, 6th-15th February.
2014Hermitage, 31st January.
2014Ascot Heath, 11th January to 13th April, 24 birds were trapped and ringed..
2013Ascot Heath, 29th December, trapped inc 1 re-trap.
2013Twyford GPs, 17th December.
2013Windsor Great Park, 12th December.
2013Ascot Heath, 8th December.
2013Ascot Heath, 7th December, trapped inc 1 re-trap.
2013Ascot Heath, first-winter male, 16th November, trapped.
2013Greenham Common, 15th November, trapped.
2013Brimpton GP, 12th November, trapped.
2013Padworth Common, two first-winter, 19th October, trapped.
2013Padworth Lane GP, 9th January.
2012Moor Green Lakes, male, 16th December, trapped.
2012Bracknell, male, 19th January to 15th February 2016.
2012Bracknell, two, 17th January.
2011Padworth Common, three first-winter, 31st December, trapped.
2011Greenham Common, 30th October.
2011Swinley Brickpits, 23rd March.
2011Lavell's Lake, 8th March.
2011Wishmoor Cross, male, 14th February.
2011Padworth Common, 2nd January to 27th February, trapped.
2011Moor Green Lakes, male, 2nd January.
2011Greenham Common, 2nd January to 29th March, trapped.
2010Greenham Common, 29th December.
2010Padworth Common, adult male, 5th December, trapped.
2010Moor Green Lakes, adult male, 27th-28th November, trapped 28th.
2010Lavell's Lake, 14th February.
2010Caversham Heights, Reading, 27th January.
2010Caversham Heights, Reading, first-winter, 19th January, trapped and ringed.
2009Wishmoor Bottom, 31st March.
2009Ascot, 28th March.
2009Horton GPs, female/immature, 9th March.
2009Padworth Lane GP, two, 28th February to 15th March.
2009Horton GPs, male, 16th February.
2009Horton GPs, female/immature, 2nd February.
2006Aston, 21st February.
2006Brimpton GP, female, 12th February.
2006Theale GPs, adult male, 29th January.
2006Borough Marsh, one, 22nd January.
2006Bucklebury, two, 12th January.
2006Sonning, three, 10th January to 8th February.
2005Windsor Great Park, 28th November.
2005Queen Mother Reservoir, 3rd October.
2003Thatcham Marsh, 25th October.
2002Moor Green Lakes, 22nd February.
1998Brimpton GP, two, 26th October.
1995Wishmoor Bottom, at least two, 22nd November.
1994Summerleaze GP, 24th November.
1988Slough SF, 11th December.
1986Maidenhead, 18th November.
1986Broadmoor Bottom, adult male, 16th February.
1985Windsor Great Park, 20th November.
1976South Ascot, 14th April.
1976Caversham, 6th April.
1976Wraysbury GPs, 15th February.
1976South Ascot, 25th January.
1975Horton GPs, two, 29th December, also 31st December.
1975Wraysbury GPs, 8th November.
1936Confidential, Records in 1936, 1963 and 1972 (2 birds).