Grid Reference: SU8781

Recent sightings

15/06/24NuthatchMaidenhead1S M Meads
Bathing in the garden bird bath.  
04/06/24MagpieMaidenhead7K Clark
These 6 magpies were viciously attacking magpie which managed to get under a shrub by the fence. The others sat in a tree looking like they were keeping guard. I managed to scare them off and after a while the single bird came out and gingerly flew away. My question is I have a bird feeder which they all come to. Should I remove it to prevent this happening again? I did find a dead magpie in the garden about a month ago. Help !! Thanks. SU872806.  
03/06/24GoldcrestMaidenhead5S M Meads
Two adults feeding three young on fir tree in the garden.