Recent sightings of Spoonbill

28/06/21SpoonbillLea Farm Lake1M F Walford
Still present.  
28/06/21SpoonbillLea Farm Lake1R C Watts
From hide.  
28/06/21SpoonbillLea Farm Lake1M F Walford
Preening on the north spit island (per Lavell's WhatsApp). Access to the hide is resticted to LWT members and LWT have a covid policy in place).  
14/05/21SpoonbillWinter Hill, Cookham Dean5A B Merrick
Group took off from Little Marlow GP c10:00, circled lake and eventually flew SW along line of Thames but inside Bucks. When west of large lake at Westhorpe started heading north but then about-turned and headed south, crossing Thames into Berks c10:05. Viewing from Winter Hill with one other observer (A. Padmore).  
07/05/19SpoonbillBulmershe School1F Hutchinson
Disbelieving moment as a large, white bird with a spoon-shaped bill flew low north-west over my head during a PE lesson! Larger than any gull, smaller than grey heron, very deep wingbeats. Did not see it front on but almost certain on bill shape and having seen recent photos of spoonbills flying over london I am almost 100% sure of ID. SU749735.  
22/08/14SpoonbillLower Farm GP1N Cleere
imm. flying high, heading west.  
06/05/14SpoonbillCock Marsh1M F Walford
Left Little Marlow and now circling over Cock Marsh (per Adam Bassett).  
06/05/14SpoonbillCock Marsh1A D Bassett
ad. Adult bird present at Little Marlow GP (Bucks) between 9am and 10am, flew off south and circled up very high over Cock Marsh (Berks) until lost from view just after 10am. .  
21/10/11SpoonbillLower Farm GP1N Cleere
ad. up from behind willows, gained height and flew off west.  
09/10/11SpoonbillLower Farm GP1M F Walford
imm. Still present (per Peter Hutchins).  

Past records of Spoonbill

2016Speen Moor Plantations, 28th October.
2014Lower Farm GP, immature, 22nd August.
2014Cock Marsh, 6th May.
2011Lower Farm GP, adult, 21st October.
2011Lower Farm GP, juvenile, 9th October.
2011Woolhampton GPs, adult, 16th June.
2011Lower Farm GP, 8th May.
2007Dorney Wetlands, juvenile, 13th-14th December.
2007Bracknell, two, 17th May.
2007Dorney Wetlands, three immatures, 16th May.
2007Lea Farm Lake, two immatures, 14th May.
2007Dorney Wetlands, 4th May.
2003Queen Mother Reservoir, immature, 2nd-25th November.
2003Finchampstead, two first-summers, 7th May.
2001Theale GPs, first-winter, 16th-17th September.
2001Pingewood GPs, five first-winters, 10th September.
2000Lower Farm GP, immature, 28th May.
1986Summerleaze GP, immature, 10th October.
1986Wraysbury GPs, 5th July.
1983Dinton Pastures CP, 21st October.
1982Lower Farm Trout Lake, 7th-8th June.
1979Theale GPs, immature, 14th-15th November.
1977Wraysbury GPs, adult, 7th May.
1969Cock Marsh, 11th May.
1968Ham Island, 20th October.
1945Ham SF, four, 19th May.
1940Slough SF, 8th May.