James Carson

Recent sightings reported by James Carson

15/10/21Water RailGrove Lake, Moor Green Lakes1J Carson
In front of hide. Disappeared quickly back into the reeds.  
26/09/21SparrowhawkColebrook Lake, Moor Green Lakes1J Carson
CLN fighting the hobby. Seen from hide.  
26/09/21HobbyNew workings, Moor Green Lakes1J Carson
Flying around over Manor Lake. Please only view from the public footpath.  
26/09/21SnipeColebrook Lake, Moor Green Lakes2J Carson
CLN just in front of hide.  
19/09/21WheatearBuckler's Forest1J Carson
Good clear view for a few minutes, near the small patch of water practically in centre of park, with the established pine trees in. Stood on log bench, then on path.  
03/09/21Little EgretBuckler's Forest1J Carson
Was here at lunchtime too.  
03/09/21WheatearBuckler's Forest1J Carson
On big pile of dirt, other side of fence to track, near new TRL buildings. (Thanks for report yesterday, knew to look for it today).  
30/08/21Sand MartinColebrook Lake, Moor Green Lakes1J Carson
CLN, many flying over lake.  
30/08/21Little GrebeColebrook Lake, Moor Green Lakes1J Carson
CLN, juvenile, swam across in front of hide, left to right. Identified to me by Ray Reedman. Corrected this entry from earlier incorrect identification as black necked grebe. Apologies.  
30/08/21GreenshankColebrook Lake, Moor Green Lakes1J Carson
CLN, on island and scrape in front of hide. Still there at 11.30am.  

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