James Carson

Recent sightings reported by James Carson

13/05/22WoodcockWildmoor Heath Nature Reserve1J Carson
Flew over. SU844628.  
13/05/22NightjarWildmoor Heath Nature Reserve2J Carson
Churring and swooped over. Great views of the white dots on wings and tail. SU844628.  
12/05/22NightjarWildmoor Heath Nature Reserve1J Carson
1 probably 2 churring from 9pm - 9.30pm. Heard in 2 places separately, but close enough to have flown in the few minutes between.  
07/05/22Sedge WarblerFleethill Farm1J Carson
Singing loud in small tree in the reeds on lake that's next to path and nearest farm. Within 15 feet of the path. Private site, view only from footpath.  
07/05/22CuckooFleethill Farm1J Carson
Been here calling for about an hour. Seen in flight couple of times over the lakes at farm end. Private site, view only from footpath.  
08/04/22BramblingBuckler's Forest10J Carson
Maybe 2 flocks of 10+ in the treetops across the park.  
05/04/22BramblingCrowthorne20J Carson
Approx count. On junction of Frensham Road and Belmont Road. SU837649.  

Recent photos by James Carson

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker