Arctic Skua

Recent sightings of Arctic Skua

09/04/18Arctic SkuaQueen Mother Reservoir2A B Tomczynski
Present currently though flighty. Permit holders only.  
25/08/14Arctic SkuaQueen Mother Reservoir2M J McKee
Circled over reservoir for at least 20 minutes before heading off SE and lost to view at 9.11am. Permit holders only.  
17/09/12Arctic SkuaQueen Mother Reservoir1M J McKee
flew south and headed over Windsor Great Park to the east of the Copper Horse. Permit holders only.  
25/08/09Arctic SkuaQueen Mother Reservoir1M J McKee
Distant and silhouetted flying high ESE over the NE corner of the reservoir. I managed to get a few shots which I've uploaded. The bird's structure, long bill and long tail seem to indicate an adult Arctic Skua. Despite the light conditions I think this bird is a dark morph as I would have thought I would have been able to see white underparts if they were present. Any comments welcome. Permit holders only.  
27/05/07Arctic SkuaQueen Mother Reservoir1M F Walford
flew north ( Permit holders only.  
23/09/04Arctic SkuaQueen Mother Reservoir5M F Walford
flew straight through - info from Mike McKee (from Shetland) who had a text from Franco who had heard from Jan! Permit holders only.  
22/09/04Arctic SkuaQueen Mother Reservoir1D K Parker
Present till dusk. Per Andy Tomczinsky Permit holders only. Permit holders only.  
20/10/03Arctic SkuaQueen Mother Reservoir1C Lamsdell
still present - gates locked today - no access. Permit holders only.  
19/10/03Arctic SkuaQueen Mother Reservoir1G Randall
juv. light. Permit holders only.  
19/10/03Arctic SkuaQueen Mother Reservoir1D K Parker
juv. chainage 100. Permit holders only.  

Past records of Arctic Skua

2018Queen Mother Reservoir, two, 9th April. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, light morph adult, 25th September. *
2014Queen Mother Reservoir, dark-morph adult and juvenile, 14th October.
2014Queen Mother Reservoir, darm-morph adults, 25th August.
2011Queen Mother Reservoir, light-morph adult, 25th May.
2009Queen Mother Reservoir, dark morph adult, 25th August, Incorrectly reported as 29/8 in 2009 BR.
2007Queen Mother Reservoir, three dark/intermediate morph adults, 14th August.
2007Queen Mother Reservoir, light morph, 27th May.
2004Queen Mother Reservoir, two adult, one light morph, one dark morph and one juvenile, 23rd September.
2003Queen Mother Reservoir, pale morph juvenile, 19th-20th October.
1997Queen Mother Reservoir, dark morph adult, 31st August.
1994Queen Mother Reservoir, dark morph adult, 31st August.
1990Dinton Pastures CP, dark morph immature, 7th October.
1988Queen Mother Reservoir, immature, 24th September.
1986Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 26th August.
1985Theale GPs, juvenile, 6th-17th September.
1984Windsor Great Park, pale morph adult, 24th May.
1983Dinton Pastures CP, 17th July.
1978Brimpton GP, two, 30th September.
1977Maidenhead, 22nd August.
1977Wraysbury GPs, 19th August.
1976Tilehurst, immature, 13th September, picked up, released at the coast.
1972East Berks, 24th June.
1960Ham SF, 27th July.
1934Manor Farm SF, 17th October, picked up, died 10th November.
c1877Broadmoor Bottom, killed.