Sabine's Gull

Recent sightings of Sabine's Gull

Past records of Sabine's Gull

2017Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 10th September. *
2017Lower Farm GP, adult, 9th August. *
2016Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 20th September.
2014Queen Mother Reservoir, juv, 21st September.
2013Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 27th August.
1999Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 29th September.
1994Queen Mother Reservoir, summer-plumage adult, 5th August.
1987Horton GPs, adult, 25th October, also 27th and 28th October, probably one of the Colnbrook birds.
1987Queen Mother Reservoir, immature, 24th October.
1987Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 22nd October, probably one of the Colnbrook birds.
1987Colnbrook, three adults, 22nd October to 24th October 2009, one remaining till 27th October.
1987Colnbrook, adult, 21st October.
1987Queen Mother Reservoir, two adults, 19th October, also one adult 20th October.
1987Theale GPs, immature, 18th October.
1987Dinton Pastures CP, immature, 17th October.
1987Grazeley, adult, 17th October.
1987Queen Mother Reservoir, three adults and three immatures, 16th October, three adults remained till 18th October.