Whooper Swan

Recent sightings of Whooper Swan

14/12/20Whooper SwanStreatley1L G Evans
The adult still present with 3 Mute Swans in cereal crop 500 yards south of Oxon border east of the A329 and viewable from Streatley Farmhouse.  
14/12/20Whooper SwanStreatley1R H Stansfield
ad. Still sat in field at Streatley Farm with three Mute Swans.  
13/12/20Whooper SwanStreatley1A B Merrick
Still present in field as previously described.  
12/12/20Whooper SwanStreatley1M F Walford
ad. in a field with 3 Mutes about 1km north of Streatley and east of the A329. (Per Ian Lewington). SU595825.  
15/10/20Whooper SwanLower Farm GP1N Cleere
22/10/18Whooper SwanMoor Green Lakes1F Hutchinson
Negative news
No sign on east fen, possibly to new workings?  
22/10/18Whooper SwanMoor Green Lakes1F Hutchinson
Back to east fen.  
22/10/18Whooper SwanColebrook Lake, Moor Green Lakes1F Hutchinson
Just flew over to colebrook south.  
22/10/18Whooper SwanNew workings, Moor Green Lakes1R H Stansfield
ad. Still present on east fen. Please only view from the public footpath.  
22/10/18Whooper SwanMoor Green Lakes1M Hunt
East Fen found by TR.  

Past records of Whooper Swan

2020Streatley, 13th-14th December. *
2020Lower Farm GP, 15th October. *
2019Moor Green Lakes, 3rd November. *
2018Moor Green Lakes, 22nd October. *
2016[Moss End, two, seen in the Moss End/Warfield area through the year, probably straying from the lake in the Warfield House estate .]
2015Queen Mother Reservoir, five, 22nd November.
2015Dorney Wetlands, five, 22nd November, same as QMR.
2015[Moss End, adult and juvenile, 25th May.]
2014Moor Green Lakes, two adults, 10th December.
2014[Winkfield, two, 21st January.]
2013Lavell's Lake, three adults and four juveniles, 10th November.
2013Lower Padworth, 17th February to 28th March.
2012Lower Farm GP, adult, 25th February.
2010Leverton, adult, 11th-14th December.
2008Windsor, 3rd October.
2008Woolhampton GPs, four, 3rd October.
<2000Confidential, many records.