Great Reed Warbler

Recent sightings of Great Reed Warbler

22/05/14GREAT REED WARBLERGreen Park1R J Godden
Sang and showed fairly well for a brief period around this time.  
22/05/14GREAT REED WARBLERGreen Park1A Berryman
Singing and showing fairly frequently but only ever briefly.  
22/05/14GREAT REED WARBLERGreen Park1D Flack
Singing and showing occasionally at the lake behind longwater ave. viewed from the jetty. Park at B&Q or Madejski Park and ride. Often being chased by the Reed Warblers present.  
22/05/14GREAT REED WARBLERGreen Park1M F Walford
Singing intermittently and showing very occasionally. Stand on the wooden pontoon with the moored boats and view the reedbed. Do not park on the roads inside the business park. Park at B&Q (SU709699) or the Madejski park and ride (SU707700) and walk to the lake behind 100 Longwater Avenue. SU705701.  
22/05/14GREAT REED WARBLERGreen Park1M F Walford
Confirmed. Please park outside the park and walk in. The lake is behind 100 Longwater Avenue.  
22/05/14GREAT REED WARBLERGreen Park1D A Carter
Showed well about 20.00 hours on a couple of occasions,great size comparison with reed warbler when perched together on outside of reeds.  
22/05/14GREAT REED WARBLERGreen Park1K Tubb
PossibleThe bird is not singing at the moment, but I have heard it either side of the jetty. It may still be in there. I need to go and do some work but will be out again at lunchtime. If it sings again I will try and record it.  
22/05/14GREAT REED WARBLERGreen Park1K Tubb
PossiblePossible singing in reed beds at north end. I am just going to check it out. I work at 200 Brook Drive. Bird was singing near where boats are moored on jetty. Perfect match against U Tube. Its stopped singing for the moment and I haven't seen the bird yet.  

Past records of Great Reed Warbler

2014Green Park, male, 22nd May.
1990Windsor Great Park, 22nd May to 16th June, trapped 27th.
1970Thatcham Marsh, 30th May, trapped.
1960Thatcham Marsh, 1st-2nd June.