Recent sightings of Hoopoe

19/04/20HoopoeLower Farm Trout Lake1N Cleere
in field to right of main gate (where yellow machinery is parked). Feeding in bottom of that field, quite often in area of bare earth and short grass in front of a metal gate by hedgerow with 2 tall trees. Still there when I left at 11.15.  
19/05/19HoopoeBracknell1H J Wilson
Negative news
No sign at all at the moment. SU887687.  
19/05/19HoopoeBracknell1S Ricks
one on Allsmoor Field, Martins Heron - per Birdguides.  
19/05/19HoopoeMartin's Heron, Bracknell1M A Johnstone
Seen feeding on south of Allsmoor Field before flying off and landing in the NE corner of the field. Will likely be disturbed when the local dog walkers come out! Some poor quality photos taken. SU887687.  
18/04/16HoopoeWoodley1F J Cottington
News to add to the saga, my mother's dog walker friend was told by a man that he saw a Hoopoe at Woodford Park this morning, on the 'no swimming' sign in the middle of the pond. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of this 3rd hand report, but at least it's close to the original sighting.  
12/04/16HoopoeWoodley1M F Walford
Late news: in front garden of 9 Tiverton Close RG5 3BE (per birdguides.com). Pic here: https://twitter.com/Jordan_Littler/status/719196852831301632.  
27/03/12HoopoeCombe1P E Hutchins
Reported as being present in 'Hidden Valley' by the local shepherd - seemingly the area west of the mast. No time to look today, but will try later in the week!  
08/04/08HoopoeOare1M J Taylor
Per BirdGuides: still 200m north of the M4 footbridge beyond the end of the puddles but no sign since SU503743 (12:45).  
06/04/08HoopoeOare1M J Taylor
Seen up to 15:30, very flighty, feeding along edge of byway between SU503743 and SU502745.  
06/04/08HoopoeOare1M F Walford
bar the foot bridge over the M4 (per Mike Taylor).  

Past records of Hoopoe

2020Lower Farm Trout Lake, 19th April. *
2019Bracknell, 19th May. *
2013Stanford Dingley, 10th-18th October.
2008Oare, 6th April.
2007Wokingham, 1st June.
2006Englefield, 3rd October.
2005Reading, 29th-30th March.
2003Sheepdrove Organic Farm, 1st May.
2001Enborne, 23rd April.
2000Twyford GPs, 24th August to 9th September.