Ferruginous Duck

Recent sightings of Ferruginous Duck

08/12/19Ferruginous DuckDinton Pastures CP1F Hutchinson
Drake showing well on middle marsh, viewed from north side.  
07/12/19Ferruginous DuckBlack Swan Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1P J Crowley
In corner of small bay near the bridge to White Swan lake.  
03/12/19Ferruginous DuckDinton Pastures CP1J Monkhouse
Drake at middle marsh still. SU778725.  
02/12/19Ferruginous DuckDinton Pastures CP1R Marsh
Presumed German bird still present on Middle Marsh.  
19/02/19Ferruginous DuckSandford Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1R Marsh
m. Usual suspect.  
03/02/19Ferruginous DuckSandford Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1M F Walford
drk. I've photographed both legs and it has a metal ring on the left leg. Very likely the bird first seen in 2015 and likely from the German release scheme.  
03/02/19Ferruginous DuckSandford Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1M F Walford
30/01/19Ferruginous DuckSandford Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1J C Morgan
29/01/19Ferruginous DuckSandford Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1R Marsh
Bird of unknown origin still present.  
27/01/19Ferruginous DuckSandford Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1M F Walford
Presumably a German introduction bird, though not seen the legs.  

Past records of Ferruginous Duck

2019[Dinton Pastures CP, male, 31st October to 8th December. *]
2019[Dinton Pastures CP, male, 27th January to 19th February. *]
2019Windsor Great Park, male, 20th January. *
2018[Dinton Pastures CP, male, 29th October to 10th November. *]
2017Dinton Pastures CP, two males, 7th November to 17th February 2018, three birds seen on 8th November. *
2016[Dinton Pastures CP, male, 26th November to 26th February 2017.]
2016Theale GPs, female, 25th November to 4th December.
2015[Dinton Pastures CP, male, 6th December to 25th February 2016.]
2012Bray GPs, male, 17th-23rd February, Same as Woolhampton GP.
2012Woolhampton GPs, male, 14th January to 12th February.
2011Wraysbury GPs, first-winter male, 27th November.
2011Dinton Pastures CP, first-winter male, 1st October to 9th December.
2010Wraysbury GPs, first-winter female, 1st-8th January.
2009Dinton Pastures CP, first-winter male, 2nd December.
2007Theale GPs, female, 15th November to 5th January 2008.
2005[Dorney Wetlands, first-winter male, 12th December to 4th March 2011, Showing some signs of hybridisation.]
2002Old Slade GP, juvenile, 1st-23rd November, same as Wraysbury GP, 1st October.
2002Wraysbury GPs, juvenile, 1st October.
2001Burghfield GPs, male, 2nd December to 23rd February 2002.
2000Burghfield GPs, male, 29th December to 22nd February 2001.
1999Burghfield GPs, female, 28th December to 9th January 2000.
1996Bray GPs, male, 29th December to 31st January 1997, present until at least the end of January.
1995Burghfield GPs, male, 29th December to 8th January 1996.
1994[Marlow (Bucks), male, 19th-27th February.]
1988Theale GPs, male, 4th October.
1988Dinton Pastures CP, female, 13th February to 11th March.
1987Dinton Pastures CP, male, 22nd-23rd December.
1987Thatcham GPs, immature, 9th December.
1985Thatcham GPs, female, 10th November, same as Theale GP, October.
1985Theale GPs, female, October.
1976[Purley on Thames, Reading, male and female, 10th April, also 16th April.]
1976[Purley on Thames, Reading, female, 7th March, also 18th-19th March.]
1975Wraysbury GPs, male, 21st December.
1974[Manor Farm SF, 2nd July.]
1973Wraysbury GPs, male, 14th October.
1972Wraysbury GPs, male, 29th December to 6th February 1973.
1971Wraysbury GPs, female, 11th-19th December, also 25th January 1972.
1966Marsh Benham, male, 29th October.
1960Theale GPs, male, 7th February.
1956Virginia Water, male and female, 7th October.
1952Burghfield, 25th October, also 30th November.
1949Virginia Water, 29th December to 5th March 1950.
1944[Wraysbury GPs, immature, 7th December.]
1944Ham SF, male, 14th-15th October.
1938Woodley, male, 17th April, also in September.