Little Gull

Recent sightings of Little Gull

17/04/22Little GullHosehill Lake, Theale GPs1A B Merrick
2cy. On the water preening initially and then hawking high over Bottom Lane lake. Back on Hosehill at 11:36. Suspect same bird involved in all sightings from the lakes.  
15/04/22Little GullPadworth Common1M F Walford
N into Berkshire this morning, from Burnt Common (per Barry Stalker) (per Pete Hutchins).  
13/04/22Little GullSearles Farm Lane GP, Burghfield GPs1N Rampton
1w. On boating lake. Please only view from the public footpath.  
12/04/22Little GullMoatlands Main Lake, Theale GPs1A B Merrick
2cy. Still present plus Com Sand and Com Tern.  
12/04/22Little GullMoatlands GP, Theale GPs1A B Tomczynski
f/w. Same at Theale MP?  
12/04/22Little GullMain Pit, Theale GPs1A B Tomczynski
06/04/22Little GullLower Farm GP1G Stewart

Past records of Little Gull

2021Lower Farm GP, 11th July. *
2021Queen Mother Reservoir, 30th May. *
2021Theale GPs, 9th May. *
2021Theale GPs, 2, 28th April. *
2021Theale GPs, 3, 25th April. *
2021Theale GPs, adult, 25th April. *
2021Moor Green Lakes, 23rd April. *
2021Woolhampton GPs, 18th April. *
2021Theale GPs, 17th April. *
2021Moor Green Lakes, 9th February. *
2020Moor Green Lakes, 18th April. *
2020Theale GPs, 9th April. *
2020Lower Farm GP, 16th February. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, 29th November. *
2019Theale GPs, 22nd November. *
2019Lower Farm GP, 30th August. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, first-summer, 6th-7th July. *
2019Dinton Pastures CP, 28th April. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, 14, 22nd April. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, summer-plumage adult, 21st April. *
2019Theale GPs, 5, 20th-21st April. *
2019Horton GPs, two adults and three first-winter, 20th April. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, summer-plumage adult, 18th April. *
2019Theale GPs, 3, 12th April. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, two summer-plumage adult and one first-winter, 12th April. *
2019Theale GPs, 6, 11th April. *
2019Theale GPs, 7, 10th April. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, summer-plumage adult and second-summer, 9th April. *
2019Lower Farm GP, 9th April. *
2019Woolhampton GPs, 14, 8th April. *
2019Theale GPs, 30, 8th April. *
2019Thatcham Marsh, 3, 8th-9th April. *
2019Theale GPs, 4, 6th-9th April. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, 19, 6th April. *
2019Lea Farm Lake, 19th-20th March. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 10th May. *
2018Winnersh, 7th May. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 13, 8th April. *
2018Dinton Pastures CP, 2, 8th April. *
2018Lower Farm GP, 8th April. *
2018Theale GPs, 8th April. *
2018Burghfield GPs, 10, 8th April. *
2018Theale GPs, 8, 8th April. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 7th April. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 2, 6th April. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 5th April. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 4th April. *
2018Lower Farm GP, 2, 18th March. *
2018Theale GPs, 4, 17th March. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 17th March. *
2018Wraysbury GPs, 2, 16th March. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 15th March. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 3, 11th March. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 9th May. *
2017Dinton Pastures CP, 2, 7th May. *
2017Theale GPs, 4th May. *
2017Theale GPs, 3, 2nd May. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 30th April. *
2017Theale GPs, 22nd April. *
2017Theale GPs, 2, 5th April. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 28th March. *
2017Wraysbury GPs, 28th March. *
2017Theale GPs, 28th March. *
2017Lower Farm GP, 27th March. *
2017Wraysbury GPs, ten, 27th March. *
<2017Confidential, many records.

Photos of Little Gull

Little Gull
Little Gull
Little Gull
Little Gull
Little Gull
Little Gull
Little Gull
Little Gull
Little Gull
Little Gull
Little Gull
Little Gull
Little Gull
Little Gull
Little Gull