Recent sightings of Honey-buzzard

05/09/21Honey-buzzardCompton Downs1M J Dear
First seen in leisurely flight over trees west of Churn Rd. flew across field over road and continued over the Hen Harrier field heading south.  
02/06/17Honey-buzzardQuarry Wood1B D Clews
Probably this species. Initially drawn to look up by two different calls; one clearly Common Buzzard, the other a higher pitch and more gull-like. On seeing the birds, one was noticeably flatter-winged in soaring flight and with longer tail. The birds separated and the target bird performed about 10 tight circles to come up into the available breeze, hanging on the wind each time with wings pressed well forward and tail fanned. (once with legs dangling also). Half the time held the 'hover' on flat wings; the other half with gentle flapping. c300 feet high at least but completely silhouetted so no plumage details obtained. Departed SW. Not terribly experienced with this species but looked good to me in the circumstances. (BTO web video consulted). Field notes to recorder.  
04/05/17Honey-buzzardM4 J101C Gent
Brief sighting of a very early bird showing all the right features. Low overhead, probably rising from the junction, flat wings, long tail, broad wings with marked tapering towards the tip, small head. Could not stop! but 99.99% certain.  
06/10/16Honey-buzzardLea Farm Lake1F J Cottington
dark morph juv. All dark brown buzzard sp came in from beyond Lodge Wood Lake, gliding the whole way showing a longer tail than Buzzard. It was about 500 feet up and we stayed on it the whole time until it reached Lavell's airspace, when we had to quickly moved to the car park field. Here we watched it circle twice then power away SE. It had one missing primary, but showed no markings on the body, obvious longer tail and slightly slimmer, wings held in stiff slightly bowed postion until it went SE, when deep powerful rather elastic wings beats gave a very different jiz. By no means a classic plumage, making instant identification near impossible despite viewing it for a minute or more. After making notes independently TAG agreed it could only be Honey and with so many Common staying local before and after, it was notable that this one went thru so quickly.  
27/08/16Honey-buzzardNew workings, Moor Green Lakes1R Murfitt
ad male. Good views of pale phase bird as it flew deliberately low to west across New Workings with 2 flaps and a glide on flat wings - paddle shaped wings, small head, long tail etc - hoped for something good with these easterlies but this was unexpected! Please only view from the public footpath.  
15/08/16Honey-buzzardNew workings, Moor Green Lakes1R F Milligan
Ad male, W to E, across the diggings. S/W G Duffus and T Reid. Please only view from the public footpath.  
15/08/15Honey-buzzardWildmoor Heath Nature Reserve, Sandhurst1D A MacKenzie Dodds
Clear sighting. 100% sure. Flying leisurely and relatively low overhead due south. Slow handful of wingbeats. Drooped wing glide. Slow handful of wingbeats. Drooped wing glide. Clear barring. Slim neck. Grey head. Long tail. Haven't had a better view, ever. I would assume perhaps a male that failed to breed this year (right sorta time for this (non breeding males to begin to leave) to happen).  
20/05/15Honey-buzzardBracknell1D A MacKenzie Dodds
Almost certain. Flying quite low(ish) (low enough to give me a relatively long, good view of shape if not markings, north west towards Binfield area. Didn't have my binoculars handy but very clear long tail, very 'necky' appearance, slower wing beat than common, obviously more angular wings than common... didn't strike me as anything else really. 90% sure I'd say.  
05/09/14Honey-buzzardNew workings, Moor Green Lakes1R F Milligan
Dark phase juv. Flying E to W across diggings. Wings drooped, long tail, slim head & neck, 7/8 wingbeats then glide, darker wing tips, well defined. First spotted by Tony Reid. S/W G Duffus. Please only view from the public footpath.  
31/08/14Honey-buzzardDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River1R Ness
Presumed adult male in at medium height over Eton flood, circled for a minute over Dorney common mobbed by Kite then towards Windsor.  

Past records of Honey-buzzard

2019East Berks, adult male, 2nd-4th June. *
2018Confidential, male, 18th July to 5th August. *
2017Dinton Pastures CP, 23rd September. *
2017Confidential, 16th August. *
2016Moor Green Lakes, adult male, 27th August.
2016Moor Green Lakes, adult male, 15th August.
2016Windsor Great Park, adult, 5th June.
2015Wildmoor Heath Nature Reserve, Sandhurst, 15th August.
2014Moor Green Lakes, dark phase juvenile, 5th September.
2014Eton Wick, 31st August.
2014Cookham, 29th August.
2011Thrift Wood, dark-morph, 16th September.
2011Dorney Wetlands, rufous-morph, 9th June.
2006Theale GPs, juvenile, 15th September.
2006Caversham Heights, Reading, 1st May.
2002Burnthouse Lane GP, dark-morph juvenile, 7th September.
2001Bray, dark-morph, 21st September.
2000Wraysbury GPs, dark-morph juvenile, 2nd October.
2000Theale GPs, 1st October.
2000Cookham Dean, dark-morph juvenile, 1st October.
2000Slough SF, pale-morph juvenile, 1st October.
2000Eversley GP, 1st October.
2000Caversham, rufous-morph juvenile, 30th September.
2000Theale GPs, dark-morph juvenile, 30th September.
2000Widbrook Common, dark-morph juvenile and intemediate-morph, 30th September.
2000Cookham Rise, Maidenhead, dark-morph juvenile, 29th September.
2000Maidenhead, pale-morph juvenile, 27th September.
2000Cookham Dean, pale-morph juvenile, 27th September.
2000Wellington College, 25th September.
2000Maidenhead, dark-morph, 25th September, One, same as Cookham.
2000Cock Marsh, dark-morph juvenile, 25th September, One, same as Cookham.
2000Summerleaze GP, 25th September, Two juveniles, same as Cookham.
2000Cookham, eight dark-morphs, 25th September.
2000Queen Mother Reservoir, pale-morph juvenile, 24th September.
2000Cookham Dean, dark-morph, 23rd September.
2000Lavell's Lake, 23rd September.
2000Windsor, 23rd September, One, same as Widbrook Common.
2000Widbrook Common, dark-morph juvenile, 23rd September.
2000Caversham, juvenile, 23rd September.
2000Cookham Rise, Maidenhead, pale-morph juvenile, 23rd September.
2000Tilehurst, 23rd September.
2000Lavell's Lake, 22nd September.
2000Eversley GP, pale-morph juvenile, 22nd September.
2000West Berks, 5th August.
1994Bracknell, 4th June.
1993Reading, 19th July.
1991Eversley GP, 3rd August.
1989Crowthorne, 8th May.
1984Windsor Great Park, 22nd September.
1981Windsor Great Park, 13th June.
1980Midgham, two, 1st June.
1979Theale GPs, 2nd September.
1976Whiteknights Park, Reading, 8th May.
1975Swinley Forest, 3rd May.
1968Swinley Forest, 16th September.
1965Silwood Park, 8th July.
1964Ham SF, 4th September.
1875Bucklebury, Shot.
1860Windsor Forest, Trapped.
1793Reading, Shot.