Slavonian Grebe

Recent sightings of Slavonian Grebe

Past records of Slavonian Grebe

2020Theale GPs, 3rd-4th January. *
2018Lower Farm Trout Lake, 30th January. *
2018Theale GPs, 2, 6th-10th January. *
2018Lower Farm GP, 3rd-10th January. *
2016Theale GPs, 15th April to 2nd May, same as Woolhampton GPs.
2016Woolhampton GPs, near summer-plumage, 13th-14th April.
2016Lower Farm GP, partial summer-plumage, 11th April.
2014Theale GPs, 27th November.
2014Theale GPs, 3rd-4th April.
2014Queen Mother Reservoir, two partial summer-plumage, 31st March.
2014Queen Mother Reservoir, winter>summer-plumage, 22nd March.
2013Theale GPs, two, 13th-17th January.
2013Queen Mother Reservoir, winter-plumage adult, 1st January to 14th February.
2011Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 11th November.
2011Theale GPs, winter-plumage, 11th November.
2011Moor Green Lakes, juvenile, 3rd November.
2011Queen Mother Reservoir, summer-plumage, 15th April.
2010Queen Mother Reservoir, two, 12th-13th March.
2010Queen Mother Reservoir, 2nd March.
2010Queen Mother Reservoir, 18th-27th February.
2010Queen Mother Reservoir, 8th February.
2009Queen Mother Reservoir, 9th December.
2009Wraysbury GPs, 8th-9th November.
2008Theale GPs, 14th December to 1st January 2009.
2008Burghfield GPs, 5th November.
2006Pingewood GPs, adult, 11th February to 1st March.
2004Moor Green Lakes, first-winter, 14th-17th December.
2004Wraysbury GPs, first-winter, 19th October.
2002Pingewood GPs, 22nd December.
2002Queen Mother Reservoir, 9th-25th December.
2001Theale GPs, winter-plumage, 3rd December.