Wood Sandpiper

Recent sightings of Wood Sandpiper

09/07/21Wood SandpiperCrookham Pools, Crookham Common1A E Hickman
ad. Feeding in shallows on the north side of the main pool. First seen and suspected as Wood Sand at distance on Monday without a scope. Now confirmed. Presumably same as seen at Lower Farm. One Green Sand also present. Please keep to the main paths.  
07/07/21Wood SandpiperLower Farm GP1B Lyle
07/07/21Wood SandpiperLower Farm GP1N Cleere
24/04/21Wood SandpiperEast Fen, Moor Green Lakes1T A Guyatt
ad. Bird present all morning has just flown off high to the W then S over river into Hants. Please only view from the public bridleway.  
24/04/21Wood SandpiperEast Fen, Moor Green Lakes1R Murfitt
Seen with PBT. Gone out of sight in NE corner when I left around 09:40. Please only view from the public bridleway.  
24/04/21Wood SandpiperEast Fen, Moor Green Lakes1P Bright-Thomas
Feeding. Please only view from the public bridleway.  
04/07/20Wood SandpiperLea Farm Lake1F J Cottington
In SW corner with Green. Stayed 3 days. LWT apologises for not being able to release news due to lock down and the hide being closed.  
16/05/20Wood SandpiperFobney Meadow1R C Price
West end of marsh. Still there when I left at 19:50.  
11/08/19Wood SandpiperLea Farm Lake1M F Walford
05/08/19Wood SandpiperNew workings, Moor Green Lakes3R F Milligan
East fen. S/W TR&MB. Please only view from the public footpath.  

Past records of Wood Sandpiper

2020Lea Farm Lake, 4th July. *
2020Fobney Meadow, 16th May. *
2019Lea Farm Lake, 11th August. *
2019Summerleaze GP, 10th August. *
2019Moor Green Lakes, 3, 2nd-5th August. *
2019Crookham Common, juvenile, 1st August. *
2019Dinton Pastures CP, 31st July. *
2019Moor Green Lakes, 2, 17th-19th May. *
2019Fobney Meadow, 8th May. *
2019Moor Green Lakes, 8th May. *
2019Burnthouse Lane GP, 1st May. *
2019Fobney Meadow, 24th April. *
2019Horton Field Pits, 24th April. *
2019White Place Farm, Cookham, 20th April. *
2018Moor Green Lakes, 2nd September. *
2018Lower Farm GP, 1st September. *
2018Crookham Common, 1st September. *
2018Fleethill Farm, 23rd-31st July. *
2017Eversley GP, 13th-24th August. *
2017Fobney Meadow, 24th-25th April. *
<2017Confidential, many records.