Long-tailed Duck

Recent sightings of Long-tailed Duck

Past records of Long-tailed Duck

2017Moor Green Lakes, female, 6th February to 11th March. *
2012Queen Mother Reservoir, 26th November to 26th March 2013.
2009Theale GPs, first-winter, 12th November to 20th December.
2008Wraysbury GPs, juvenile, 30th November.
1999Wraysbury GPs, female, 1st January, also 17th January.
1998Theale GPs, female, 29th December to 26th January 1999.
1998Queen Mother Reservoir, female/immature, 7th November.
1996Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 29th March.
1996Theale GPs, immature male, 27th January.
1992Moor Green Lakes, female or first-summer, 21st-28th July.
1992Wraysbury GPs, male, 13th-15th February.
1986Wraysbury GPs, adult male, 6th-9th March, same as Queen Mother Reservoir, 28th February to 2nd March.
1986Horton GPs, adult male, 2nd March, also 12th-19th March. Same as Queen Mother Reservoir, 28th February to 2nd March.
1986Queen Mother Reservoir, adult male, 28th February to 2nd March.
1985Wraysbury GPs, two first-winter females, 20th November to 22nd February 1986, one remaining until 6th May.
1983Dinton Pastures CP, female, 26th January.
1981Burghfield GPs, 4th-14th February.
1980Thatcham GPs, female, 7th December to 31st January 1981.
1979Windsor Great Park, female, 30th-31st December.
1979Theale GPs, female, 19th November, joined by a third on 2nd December. All three present until 15th December and one remained until 6th January 1980.
1961Combe, female, 21st November.