Velvet Scoter

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Past records of Velvet Scoter

2016Water Oakley, juvenile male, 18th November, Flew south from Dorney Lake and into Berkshire.
2010Queen Mother Reservoir, adult female, 29th December to 21st January 2011.
2008Queen Mother Reservoir, female/juvenile, 8th December.
2008Queen Mother Reservoir, female/immature, 15th-16th January.
2002Queen Mother Reservoir, 17, 17th April, Scoter sp. at least some of which were Velvet Scoter.
1999Queen Mother Reservoir, immature female, 31st October.
1994Queen Mother Reservoir, two females, 22nd December.
1994Old Slade GP, three immatures, 29th November.
1985Queen Mother Reservoir, male and female, 19th February to 2nd March.
1985Queen Mother Reservoir, two immatures, 16th-27th January.
1984Queen Mother Reservoir, first-summer male, 1st May.
1982Queen Mother Reservoir, female/immature, 10th-24th January.
1981Queen Mother Reservoir, female, 25th December to 24th January 1986.
1981Queen Mother Reservoir, male, 24th December.
1975Burghfield, 19th December to 9th January 1976.
1954Ham SF, two males, 10th February, one 13th February.
1871Newbury, male, 2nd January, killed.
1866/7Cookham, male, killed.
1855Henley-on-Thames (Oxon), six killed in one week.
1795Wargrave, two, January, shot.

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Velvet Scoter
Velvet Scoter