Recent sightings of Crane

11/06/22CRANELea Farm Lake1J E Warren
One flew over heading North. Seen in superb visability at about 50 Metres with 8X40 binoculars for about 30 Seconds. Large bird with long straight neck, wings grey with black primary tips which extended back along hind wing, large pointed beak. SU783734.  

Past records of Crane

2018Lavell's Lake, four, 25th November. *
2018Binfield, two, 28th June. *
2018Winnersh, two, 28th June. *
2018Loddon Bridge, 18th May. *
2015Wishmoor Bottom, two, 30th April.
2012Moor Green Lakes, three, 5th May, also seen flying over several other sites as they headed north-east across the county.
2010Cold Harbour, Knowl Hill, two, 11th May.
2003Slough, nine, 2nd March.
2002West Ilsley, two, 7th April.
2002Theale GPs, adult, 14th January.
1987Langley, Slough, adult, 11th January.
1987Eton Wick, juvenile, 11th January.
1976Bear Wood Lake, five, November.

Photos of Crane