Recent sightings of Crane

26/04/20CRANENorth Ascot1M F Walford
Over North Ascot very high and heading north (per Andy Stickland on Lavell's WhatsApp). SU715763.  
09/05/19CRANEMoor Green Lakes2C Gent
two very large dark birds, seen poorly through the trees heading west along the blackwater uttering a loud strange very low rattling call. Very like some of the flight calls on Xeno Canto without the echoing higher notes? Definitely not like black swan calls.  
25/11/18CRANELavell's Lake, Dinton Pastures CP4M F Walford
North then east over Lavell's (per FJC).  
28/06/18CRANEWinnersh Triangle2I D Paine
2. Flying towards Dinton. Looking like they were coming into land.  
28/06/18CRANEBinfield2S Bell
Almost certainly the same pair spotted over Winnersh earlier today.  
18/05/18CRANELoddon Bridge2C Clacey
Apologies for the delay but have not been near any computer. Two Cranes flying approx. 200 feet above River Loddon East to West. Seen at 1420 hrs. Perfect silhouettes of both birds flying alongside each other. Flew over the BP Garage and then the George Pub towards Dinton Pastures. These were most definitely not Herons or Egrets. SU764716.  
30/04/15CRANEWishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest2N Rampton
Flying West/NW.  
08/01/14CRANEMain Pit, Theale GPs1M F Walford
Flew towards flooded fields @ NW of sailing club (per Nigel Cleere).  
03/10/13CRANEShurlock RowP E Hutchins
Negative newsNone seen or heard from pre-dawn to mid-morning - several observers being about the area they were reported from yesterday.  
02/10/13CRANEShurlock Row2R Williams
Shurlock Row pond just south of the M4 and east of the bridge for the B3018. My first post (not a stringer!!). I live in Swindon but work in Newbury. But today I was driving west along the M4 at c11.15 I saw the 2 Cranes fly south low over the road & settle by water a few miles before Junction 10. Goggle mapping I estimate the site was as described. SU8474.  

Past records of Crane

2018Lavell's Lake, four, 25th November. *
2018Binfield, two, 28th June. *
2018Winnersh, two, 28th June. *
2018Loddon Bridge, 18th May. *
2015Wishmoor Bottom, two, 30th April.
2012Moor Green Lakes, three, 5th May, also seen flying over several other sites as they headed north-east across the county.
2010Cold Harbour, Knowl Hill, two, 11th May.
2003Slough, nine, 2nd March.
2002West Ilsley, two, 7th April.
2002Theale GPs, adult, 14th January.
1987Langley, Slough, adult, 11th January.
1987Eton Wick, juvenile, 11th January.
1976Bear Wood Lake, five, November.