Black Kite

Recent sightings of Black Kite

26/09/18BLACK KITETwyford1P D Hadfield
? was seen a few times, in pennfields , dull colour not like red at all, tail not so forked, ill have alook tomorrow again try to get photo.  
20/11/17BLACK KITEShurlock Row1R Alliss
Unmistakeable, directly overhead, no fork to spread tail, generally dark grey appearance. Close to Red kite for comparison.  
26/05/17BLACK KITESandhurst SF1P Bright-Thomas
In Hants (Birdguides) at Blackwater Valley Lakes 09:05, then flew E.  
20/07/14BLACK KITEMoor Green Lakes1R Murfitt
Over New Workings then headed North towards Finchampstead Ridges - good views for 3 or 4 mins for clinching diagnostic features.  
09/10/13BLACK KITEMortimer1R Crawford
Flew SE in determined fashion from Wokefield Park heading towards Stratfield Saye into Hampshire. Presumed adult bird due to subdued pale primary bases and lack of obvious undertail barring. Also seen by T. Blackman.  
06/09/13BLACK KITELower Farm GP1N Cleere
imm. high, flying purposefully south and would have crossed western end of Greenham Common. Seen with R.A., who first picked it up whilst I was scanning for waders.  
25/04/10BLACK KITEMoss End2L R Blundell
Appeared when our 2 local red kites were playing games. Flew slowly SE towards Binfield.4 buzzards over as well.  
05/06/08BLACK KITEWoolhampton GPs1L R Blundell
Over north with damaged feathers above the tail. Several observers present.  
06/05/08BLACK KITECrowthorne1B M Archer
per Chris Gent - seen from Crowthorne High St. heading toward Wokingham.  
24/04/08BLACK KITEGreenham Common1N Cleere
'possible' low and north over main car park. I don't have a description good enough to submit, but when first sighted, didn't have typical elegant shape of Red Kite. Only seen briefly from below as it passed over, bird was quite dark with small, indistinct pale primary patches. When soaring, tail was triangular (no fork), in direct flight only slight fork and tail not as long as typical Red Kite..  

Past records of Black Kite

2017Shurlock Row, 20th November. *
2001West Ilsley, 26th June.