Whiskered Tern

Recent sightings of Whiskered Tern

02/05/09WHISKERED TERNColebrook Lake, Moor Green Lakes1B M Archer
A partial summer plumage bird with a black bill and a pale grey under body. Initially reported as “Possible” because of the plumage state was unknown. Later research revelled that it was correct for a late winter to summer/transition. Report submitted to the County Recorder.  
27/05/05WHISKERED TERNHorseshoe Lake, Sandhurst1M F Walford
per Robert Godden.  
27/05/05WHISKERED TERNColebrook Lake, Moor Green Lakes1B M Archer
Just arrived on Tern Island (per Bob Warden).  
22/05/05WHISKERED TERNMoor Green Lakes1R Addison
No sign between 8.45 and 10 but Dunlin on the Island.  
22/05/05WHISKERED TERNMoor Green Lakes1K Carter
CLN. Showing well. Keeps returning. Also Dunlin, Greenshank, Redshank.  
22/05/05WHISKERED TERNMoor Green Lakes1R J Burness
ad. Still showing well when I left at 08.00.  
22/05/05WHISKERED TERNMoor Green Lakes1P Bright-Thomas
2S. For tracking/ageing, bird missing right central tail feather, with a few white feathers in cap, above lores on both sides, strongest on left. 5 outer primaries darkest on left wing. Tail with no dark markings, pure pale grey. Worn primaries and white spotting in cap seem to indicate 2nd summer (per Olsen and Larsson).  
22/05/05WHISKERED TERNMoor Green Lakes1R J Godden
Adult on Tern Island until c5:15, then flew around departing east c5:45. Returned later and showed well in front of hide, then settled left of hide till 07:15 at least.  
21/05/05WHISKERED TERNMoor Green Lakes1P Bright-Thomas
ad. Flew in from E, settled on S side of N island on Colebrook Lake North.  
21/05/05WHISKERED TERNColebrook Lake, Moor Green Lakes1G Randall
Flew off to Horeshoe Lake or Fleet Pond ?  

Past records of Whiskered Tern

2005Moor Green Lakes, second-summer, 21st-22nd May, also 27th May.