White-fronted Goose

Recent sightings of White-fronted Goose

08/03/21White-fronted GooseNewland Farm, Charvil1M J Hubbard
Back in pond field again after going absent yesterday ! SU776766.  
06/03/21White-fronted GooseCharvil1T A Guyatt
ad. Still in first field on left of Loddon Drive. In front of the pool at 10:50.  
06/03/21White-fronted GooseCharvil1R C Watts
Still on Loddon Drive on first field.  
05/03/21White-fronted GooseCharvil1R C Watts
In first field on Loddon Drive Newlands Farm still there when I left 14:05. SU775766.  
05/03/21White-fronted GooseCharvil1M J Hubbard
Lone bird in 1st field on Loddon Drive beside Newlands Farm as you turn off the A4. SU775767.  
05/03/21White-fronted GooseBurghfield Mill GP, Theale GPs1C Feltham
A long way off, the other side of the canal towards the railway line. With two greylags, definitely white at the base of the bill - shining in the morning light.  
22/02/21White-fronted GooseHosehill Lake, Theale GPs1D Andrews
Seen with J andrews.  
21/02/21White-fronted GoosePadworth Lane GP1K E Moore
ad. on second beach.  
20/02/21White-fronted GoosePadworth Lane GP1K E Moore
ad. All Geese flushed from s.of Kennet by Dog walkers, and they came across to the GP,and the White-front was in the flock.  
20/02/21White-fronted GoosePadworth Lane GP1R Keel
On second beach with Greylags. With DRK.  

Past records of White-fronted Goose

2020Burghfield GPs, 12th-13th December. *
2020Theale GPs, 27, 5th-19th December. *
2020Horton Brook Quarry, 4, 2nd December. *
2020Temple, 13, 1st-13th December. *
2020Theale GPs, 8, 1st January. *
2019Padworth Lane GP, 14th-30th November. *
2019Padworth Lane GP, 27th February. *
2019Old Windsor, two adults and one first-winter, 2nd January to 18th March. *
2018Dorney Wetlands, 3, 26th November to 17th December. *
2017Moor Green Lakes, 7th May. *
2013Summerleaze GP, 10 adults and one first-winter, 5th March, same as Coockham.
2013Cookham, 10 adults and one first-winter, 8th February to 2nd March.
2013Eton Wick, two, 25th January to 5th March.
2012Theale GPs, two adults, 28th October to 1st November.
2012Purley on Thames, Reading, adult, 11th February.
2011Streatley, adult, 10th December.
2011Horton GPs, six, 8th November.
2011Pingewood GPs, two adults and 2 juveniles, 29th January to 8th March.
2011Old Windsor, adult, 3rd January.
2008[Lower Farm GP, 23rd November to 27th December, LFG on 23rd November, Padworth Lane GP on 27th December.]
2008Aston, three adult and one juvenile, 4th November.
2007[Charvil, adult, 6th March.]
2007Charvil, eight, 25th January.
2006[Theale GPs, 17th February to 31st December, in the Kennet valley, primarily between Brimpton and Padworth Lane.]
2006Pingewood GPs, 17, 4th-5th February.
2005Windsor Great Park, five, including two adults, 14th November.
2005[Padworth Lane GP, 14th January.]
2004Maidenhead, 24 adults and 3 juveniles, 1st December.
2004[Theale GPs, 1st January to 6th November, in the Kennet valley between Woolhampton and Pingewood.]
2003Twyford GPs, adult, 15th December.
2003[Theale GPs, between Woolhampton and Theale GPs from March until the end of the year.]
2002Lea Farm, Hurst, adults, 13th-14th December.
2002[Theale GPs, 7th April to 18th September.]
2001Maidenhead, five, including three adults, 14th December.
2001Theale GPs, two, 10th November.
2001[Pingewood GPs, 5th-22nd May.]
<2000Confidential, many records.