Pink-footed Goose

Recent sightings of Pink-footed Goose

22/01/22Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1K E Moore
ad. With usual flock.  
20/01/22Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1K E Moore
ad. On the pit in amongst the usual Goose flock.  
19/01/22Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1P W Driver
With a small group of Greylag on the water.  
17/01/22Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1K E Moore
ad. On the lake with the ad W/F ,the two White farmies and the leucistic GreyLag .  
14/01/22Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1K E Moore
ad. In with normal gooseflock.  
13/01/22Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1M J Dear
12/01/22Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1A E Hickman
With the goose flock.  
09/01/22Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1K E Moore
ad. In with the Goose flock on the pit.  
07/01/22Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1P Brant
06/01/22Pink-footed GoosePadworth Lane GP1A B Tomczynski
Field EAST side of Lodge farm. SU613670.  

Past records of Pink-footed Goose

2017Padworth Lane GP, adult, 29th-30th March. *
2013[Eton Wick, 28th-29th May.]
2013Theale GPs, 24th February to 10th April.
2012Borough Marsh, first-winter, 8th May, also May 14th & 17th.
2011Lower Farm GP, two adults and one juvenile, 9th April to 4th May.
2011Theale GPs, adult, 20th March, 31st March and 1st April, same as Woolhampton GP, 6th-8th March.
2011Woolhampton GPs, adult, 6th-8th March.
2011Brimpton GP, 6th January.
2009Streatley, juvenile, 4th-25th January.
2001[Theale GPs, juvenile, 21st October to 13th January 2002.]
1994[Dinton Pastures CP, 13th March.]
1992Wraysbury GPs, 15th March, same as Summerleaze GP, 1st Feb-27 March.
1992Summerleaze GP, 1st February to 27th March.
1987[Moor Green Lakes, 11th April.]
1986Cock Marsh, 25th February, also 1st March. Same as Summerleaze GP, 24th February.
1986Summerleaze GP, 24th February.
1984Dinton Pastures CP, 28th-29th February.
1984Windsor, 25th January.
1982[Chamberhouse Marsh, 28th February to 16th April.]
1982Beenham, 27th January.
1979[Purley on Thames, Reading, 15th April.]
1977Woodley, two, 11th January.
1976Manor Farm SF, seven, 31st January.
1975[Aldermaston, 13th-17th April.]
<1974Confidential, many records.