Black-necked Grebe

Recent sightings of Black-necked Grebe

30/08/21Black-necked GrebeColebrook Lake, Moor Green Lakes1R Reedman
Negative news
Apologies to all concerned, particularly JC: my photo proves me wrong in snap judgement.  
24/04/21Black-necked GrebeMain Pit, Theale GPs1P Hickman
Still present. Seen from track directly opposite Garston Lock.  
24/04/21Black-necked GrebeMain Pit, Theale GPs1L Ellams
Still present, a fantastic looking bird. Thank you to the kind chap who allowed me to view it through his scope.  
24/04/21Black-necked GrebeMain Pit, Theale GPs1K E Moore
Summer plum.found by Andy Merrick Took me a lot longer to find it,ABT Certainly helped to relocate.  
24/04/21Black-necked GrebeMain Pit, Theale GPs1C McEwan
Summer plumage. Actively feeding between Oystercatcher island and north shore. Best viewed from slipway near Garston Lock on the towpath. SU6570.  
24/04/21Black-necked GrebeMain Pit, Theale GPs1A B Merrick
Summer plumage, from canal slipway.  
21/03/20Black-necked GrebeLower Farm GP1N Cleere
18/03/20Black-necked GrebeLower Farm GP1K E Moore
s/p ad.  
16/03/20Black-necked GrebeLower Farm GP1N Cleere
now in full, glorious summer plumage.  
11/03/20Black-necked GrebeLower Farm GP1N Cleere
now in almost full summer plumage.  

Past records of Black-necked Grebe

2020Theale GPs, 2nd March. *
2020Lower Farm GP, 8th February to 21st March. *
2020Burghfield GPs, 3rd-10th February. *
2020Lower Farm GP, 11th January. *
2020Theale GPs, 3, 1st-10th January. *
2019Theale GPs, 21st-27th December. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, 3, 17th December. *
2019Lower Farm GP, 14th December. *
2019Moor Green Lakes, 25th September to 11th October. *
2019Queen Mother Reservoir, 2, 9th September. *
2019Theale GPs, 3, 23rd March. *
2019Theale GPs, 3rd February. *
2018Theale GPs, 9, 17th November. *
2018Dinton Pastures CP, 1st September. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 2, 22nd August. *
2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 2, 29th June. *
2018Dinton Pastures CP, 3rd-13th March. *
2018Theale GPs, 4, 17th January to 16th April. *
2018Wraysbury GPs, 13th January. *
2018Lower Farm GP, 5, 1st January to 17th April. *
2017Aldermaston GP, 26th-30th October. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 25th October to 12th November. *
2017Theale GPs, 3, 21st October to 16th November. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 25th-26th September. *
2017Theale GPs, 12th May. *