Recent sightings of Stone-curlew

24/04/20Stone-curlewFinchampstead1R Murfitt
One sound-recorded calling over garden in early hours.  
23/03/17Stone-curlewHeron's Nest, Theale GPs1K E Moore
On the central mound This is a private site , which can only be viewed from the public footpaths.  
20/05/16Stone-curlewGreenham Common1S Gough
ad. Seen briefly at around 630 am at the Fire Plane, on one of the earth banks. Seen again at approx 8pm, initially in flight flushed by some kids, then flew back to the same bank area and seen well on the ground, first hunkered down then stood up. Then finally flushed again back down to right near the plane. SU491645.  
13/06/15Stone-curlewLower Farm GP1J E Andrews
ad. found on spit by R Povey, later seen by N.C and Ken Moore.  
25/04/14Stone-curlewEnglefield1R Crawford
In flooded field north of A4 west of Theale bypass.  
11/04/07Stone-curlewEnglefield1R Keel
Still resting in bare field. Seen with M Dear.  
11/04/07Stone-curlewEnglefield1P Hosking
In bare field next to A4 - superb. Mind you it was a difficult choice to when there was a mallard and a pheasant at Rack Marsh.  
11/04/07Stone-curlewEnglefield1M F Walford
Still in the bare field by the A4 (per Trevor Guyatt).  
11/04/07Stone-curlewEnglefield1P Hickman
Back in field. Sitting despite police dogs exercising in next field. Found at 07:30 by R Crawford. No sign of Ring Ouzel.  
11/04/07Stone-curlewEnglefield1M F Walford
Back again in the bare field south of the barn. No sign of the Ring Ouzel at present (per Ken Moore).