Bearded Tit

Recent sightings of Bearded Tit

21/10/19Bearded TitLavell's Lake, Dinton Pastures CP3R Marsh
In the reeds to right of Bittern hide.  
26/01/19Bearded TitDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River2M F Walford
Reported on Bird Track.  
28/11/17Bearded TitMoor Green Lakes1C Gent
tzing tzing heard from centre of manor lake reed bed when too dark to see! Barn Owl already hunting and starlings long gone to roost (including leucistic individual).  
27/11/17Bearded TitNew workings, Moor Green Lakes1R H Stansfield
Heard only, flew into reedbed from over our heads calling loudly. Please only view from the public footpath.  
26/11/17Bearded TitNew workings, Moor Green Lakes1R Murfitt
ad male. In Manor lake reedbed. Disturbed by a flock of Starlings dropping into the reeds - called and then showed well on path side of reeds by a small willow sapling as it fed for 2 or 3 mins before moving off right calling but still in reedbed. A first for the Eversley GP/Moor Green Lakes complex. Photo loaded. Please only view from the public footpath.  
06/05/13Bearded TitDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River1P E Hutchins
Not seen between 05:30 and this time but apparently reported at 07:40 (per RBA).  
05/05/13Bearded TitDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River1A Cooper
male. in reeds near picnic benches, very flighty.  
02/03/12Bearded TitDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River2R C Watts
Found by Chris Gent with Brian Watts by first bridge in reeds to the left and right sides heard calling and then stunnings views of the pair down low and then on top of reeds. Thanks Chris.  
29/02/12Bearded TitDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River2R Gilham
1 male. 1 seen low in the reedbed, and another heard, upstream of the 1st footbridge (just in Berks). Searched for another 2hrs without relocating them. Apparently a Bittern was also flushed earlier in area between the two footbridges.  
28/02/12Bearded TitDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River2C Gent
male. watched from boardwalk feeding at base of reeds. The two males were separate and hence calling all the time.  

Past records of Bearded Tit

2019Lavell's Lake, 3, 21st October. *
2019Dorney Wetlands, 2, 26th January. *
2017Moor Green Lakes, adult male, 26th-28th November. *
2013Dorney Wetlands, male, 5th May.
2012Great Meadow Pond, male and female, 26th February, also March 11th & 18th.
2012Dorney Wetlands, two males, 2nd February to 3rd March.
2011Lavell's Lake, male, 9th November to 9th December 2012.
2010Dorney Wetlands, male, immature male, unsexed, 4th December to 21st January 2011.
2008Hungerford Marsh, two (one male), 6th November.
2006Horton GPs, male and female, 7th November.
2003Theale GPs, male, 30th December to 23rd February 2004.
1999Theale GPs, male and female, 27th March.
1999Great Meadow Pond, 20th March.
1996Thatcham Marsh, 21st January, 5-6.
1995Thatcham Marsh, 29th October, 9-10, birds also present 19th November.
1992Summerleaze GP, male, 13th December.
1990Brimpton GP, female, 20th May, also 27th May. Trapped.
1989West Berks, 26th January, until end of May.
1988West Berks, male and female, Present throughout the breeding season and several seen in the Autumn.
1987West Berks, pair bred successfully with 8 present following winter.
1986West Berks, male, 28th March, 2 male 5th April 1m1f 24th April. Adult + immatures (possibly 5 birds) 3rd June, then singles to 30th November. 3 at a second site 29th November and 1-2 until 6th December.
1985Thatcham Marsh, 8th December, 1-2.
1985Wraysbury GPs, male, 1st December.
1983Theale GPs, male, 5th-14th March.
1980Theale GPs, 4 males, 26th-29th October, 6-7, also 25th and 30th October.
1980Thatcham Marsh, 19th October, 10-12.
1978Wraysbury GPs, male, 5th March.
1976Manor Farm SF, 16th October to 13th November, 1-2, also 8th January to 5th February, 3 (2 males and 2 female) 17th October.
1976Burghfield GPs, female, 16th October.
1976Thatcham Marsh, 1st January, several calling, two 31st January.
1975Thatcham Marsh, five in first winter period, 2+ from 22nd November.
1974Twyford GPs, 12th February.
1974Thatcham Marsh, 8-10, beginning of January to 17th March, also two 2nd November, then 3-4 by 1st December.
<1974Confidential, many records.