Spotted Crake

Recent sightings of Spotted Crake

29/04/20Spotted CrakeFobney Meadow1A V Lawson
Heard at dusk and not seen. North of canal, adjacent to Fobney Island, on marshy ground with tussocks of rush and some sedge. Call / song a repetitive note carrying for some distance over the marsh at dusk Initially overlooked as it was distant and I'd assumed Mandarin drake, and this is not a species I have heard before. As I got closer I realised it was far out over the marshes and it persisted into the dusk. I had to use Xeno canto to confirm. Heard for about 15 minutes, not seen and not relocated in the morning.  
07/09/18Spotted CrakeEton Wick1B J Hollands
Still showing when i left at 19:45.  
07/09/18Spotted CrakeEton Wick1D Cleal
On show for just a couple of minutes. (With D. Fuller).  
07/09/18Spotted CrakeEton Wick1D Cleal
On show for just a couple of minutes. (With D. Fuller).  
06/09/18Spotted CrakeEton Wick1P Bright-Thomas
On N side of E flood, close to stream end. Great bird!  
06/09/18Spotted CrakeEton Wick1M J Hubbard
Showed well intermittently but scuttled for cover when a kestrel began hovering overhead.  
05/09/18Spotted CrakeEton Wick1K Rhodes
Brief view the disappeared into reedbed.  
05/09/18Spotted CrakeEton Wick1G J King
Great views with bird interacting with snipe before it flew to the right side of the pool.  
05/09/18Spotted CrakeEton Wick2D A Carter
Still together on the flood briefly this evening.  
04/09/18Spotted CrakeEton Wick1B Crathorne
Feeding on the mud in front of bull rushes. Seen with Andy T.  

Past records of Spotted Crake

2018Eton Wick, juvenile, 27th August to 10th September, 2 birds between 2nd and 5th September. *
2014Slough SF, 10th July.
2013Private land, 6th April.
2004Great Meadow Pond, juvenile, 9th-10th September.
2002Lavell's Lake, juvenile, 4th-6th September.
2000Eton Wick, juvenile, 9th-19th October.
1999Lavell's Lake, juvenile, 7th-9th August.
1997Lavell's Lake, juvenile, 21st August to 21st September.
1997Theale GPs, 19th August.
1990Thatcham Marsh, 6th May.
1989Ham SF, juvenile, 4th-5th October.
1988Wraysbury GPs, 31st August.
1987Lavell's Lake, 27th September to 2nd October.
1985Thatcham Marsh, immature, 1st September, until end of September, possibly present 24th August.
1979Slough SF, 23rd September.
1978Thatcham Marsh, 1st January.
1976Freeman's Marsh, 26th August.
1976Thatcham Marsh, 7th March.
1976Manor Farm SF, 17th January, also 21st and 23rd January, three 24th September.
1975Manor Farm SF, late August to 29th December.
1974Manor Farm SF, 14th October.
<1974Confidential, many records.