Hen Harrier

Recent sightings of Hen Harrier

Past records of Hen Harrier

2020Bury Down, 20th November. *
2020Farnborough, 18th October to 20th December. *
2020Palmer Park, Reading, 7th May. *
2020Bury Down, 12th February. *
2020Roden Downs, 2nd-5th January. *
2019Lambourn, ringtail, 13th-19th November. *
2019Aldworth, 10th November to 30th December. *
2019Lambourn Downs, 6th-26th February. *
2019Bury Down, 28th January. *
2019Combe Hill, 8th January. *
2018Brightwalton Common, 23rd December. *
2018Lambourn, 4th December. *
2018Eastbury Down, 22nd October to 13th December. *
2018Burghfield GPs, 12th April. *
2018Combe Wood, 6th March. *
2018Bury Down, 16th February. *
2018East Garston Down, 7th January. *
2017Wishmoor Bottom, 3rd October. *
2017Bury Down, 10th April. *
2017Silwood Park, 8th-10th April. *
2017Lambourn, male, 7th February to 13th March. *
2017Lambourn, 18th January. *
2017Cow Down, West Ilsley, 5th January. *