Hen Harrier

Recent sightings of Hen Harrier

06/09/21Hen HarrierCompton Downs1E Charlson
05/09/21Hen HarrierCompton Downs1M J Dear
Male. Usual field resting and preening on ground.  
04/09/21Hen HarrierCompton1D Reynolds
male. Same place, spending some time on the ground. With DM, NM and DC.  
03/09/21Hen HarrierCompton Downs1B T Bennett
male. First seen on the ground at 6pm until 7:30pm when it flew around the field and dropped into long grass to roost at SU513817. SU517816.  
03/09/21Hen HarrierCompton Downs1C McEwan
male. Chased off a Red Kite. SU5181.  
02/09/21Hen HarrierCompton Downs1L Ellams
m. Same field, decent, but very brief view. Spotted from view point between gaps in trees along Churn Road. Disappeared below ridge and then unable to relocate with evening light fading quickly.  
02/09/21Hen HarrierCompton Downs1A B Tomczynski
male. Usual field. Skirmish with Red Kite.  
01/09/21Hen HarrierCompton1R C Watts
Same area as yesterday off Churn Road viewed from the Ridge Way.  
31/08/21Hen HarrierCompton Downs1R Parsons
m. NW corner of the field east of Churn rd Also 2 Whinchat on fence posts by gallops just N of ridgeway, 2 Wheatear and 8+ Yellow Wagtails.  
30/08/21Hen HarrierCompton1A B Tomczynski
male. Watched from public footpath to east of field it frequents as it quartered field and then preening itself on the ground in middle of field at south end.  

Past records of Hen Harrier

2020Bury Down, 20th November. *
2020Farnborough, 18th October to 20th December. *
2020Palmer Park, Reading, 7th May. *
2020Bury Down, 12th February. *
2020Roden Downs, 2nd-5th January. *
2019Lambourn, ringtail, 13th-19th November. *
2019Aldworth, 10th November to 30th December. *
2019Lambourn Downs, 6th-26th February. *
2019Bury Down, 28th January. *
2019Combe Hill, 8th January. *
2018Brightwalton Common, 23rd December. *
2018Lambourn, 4th December. *
2018Eastbury Down, 22nd October to 13th December. *
2018Burghfield GPs, 12th April. *
2018Combe Wood, 6th March. *
2018Bury Down, 16th February. *
2018East Garston Down, 7th January. *
2017Wishmoor Bottom, 3rd October. *
2017Bury Down, 10th April. *
2017Silwood Park, 8th-10th April. *
2017Lambourn, male, 7th February to 13th March. *
2017Lambourn, 18th January. *
2017Cow Down, West Ilsley, 5th January. *