Hen Harrier

Recent sightings

23/11/23Hen HarrierCompton Downs1N J Bucknell
female/juv - ringtail. Flying west over triangular field NW of junction of Ridgeway & track to East Ilsley.  
30/10/23Hen HarrierWhitley Wood, Reading1C Gent
seen from M3, flying east low too nth side of M3 just east of footbridge V'd wings and long tail, head downwards definitely a harrier. tail too long and wings too narrow for marsh, too short and wide and not bouncy enough for Montagu's. Cannot rule out Pallid but I safe to assume a hen .  


Hen Harrier
Hen Harrier
Hen Harrier
Hen Harrier
Hen Harrier
Hen Harrier
Hen Harrier
Hen Harrier
Hen Harrier
Hen Harrier
Hen Harrier
Hen Harrier
Hen Harrier
Hen Harrier
Hen Harrier


2022Hen Harrier, East Garston Down, 26th December. *
2022Hen Harrier, Old Warren, Fawley, 6th March. *
2022Hen Harrier, Lambourn Downs, 16th January. *
2021Hen Harrier, Lambourn, 13th October. *
2021Hen Harrier, Compton Downs, 22nd August to 5th September. *
2021Hen Harrier, Confidential, 15th-19th June. *
2021Hen Harrier, Lambourn Downs, adult male, 6th January. *
2020Hen Harrier, Bury Down, 20th November. *
2020Hen Harrier, Farnborough, 18th October to 20th December. *
2020Hen Harrier, Palmer Park, Reading, 7th May. *
2020Hen Harrier, Bury Down, 12th February. *
2020Hen Harrier, Lambourn, ring-tail, 24th January. *
2020Hen Harrier, Roden Downs, 2nd-5th January. *
2019Hen Harrier, Lambourn, ringtail, 13th-19th November. *
2019Hen Harrier, Aldworth, 10th November to 30th December. *
2019Hen Harrier, Lambourn Downs, 6th-26th February. *
2019Hen Harrier, Bury Down, 28th January. *
2019Hen Harrier, Combe Hill, 8th January. *
2018Hen Harrier, Brightwalton Common, 23rd December. *
2018Hen Harrier, Lambourn, 4th December.
2018Hen Harrier, Eastbury Down, 22nd October to 13th December.
2018Hen Harrier, Burghfield GPs, 12th April. *
2018Hen Harrier, Combe Wood, 6th March.
2018Hen Harrier, Bury Down, 16th February. *
2018Hen Harrier, East Garston Down, 7th January.
2017Hen Harrier, Wishmoor Bottom, 3rd October. *
2017Hen Harrier, Bury Down, 10th April.
2017Hen Harrier, Silwood Park, 8th-10th April. *
2017Hen Harrier, Lambourn, male, 7th February to 13th March.
2017Hen Harrier, Lambourn, 18th January.
2017Hen Harrier, Cow Down, West Ilsley, 5th January.
2016Hen Harrier, Lambourn, two adult males, 22nd December, one of the birds from Nov 11th.
2016Hen Harrier, Welford, ring-tail, 5th December.
2016Hen Harrier, Lambourn, adult male, 11th November.
2016Hen Harrier, Combe Gibbet, ring-tail, 9th October.
2016Hen Harrier, West Berks, second-winter male, 1st September.
2016Hen Harrier, West Berks, first-summer male, 21st July.
2016Hen Harrier, Compton Downs, ring-tail, 7th February.
2016Hen Harrier, Bury Down, ring-tail, 12th-19th January.
2015Hen Harrier, Brimpton GP, adult male, 28th November.
2015Hen Harrier, Bury Down, ring-tail, 4th November to 12th December.
2015Hen Harrier, Queen Mother Reservoir, adult male, 4th April.
2014Hen Harrier, Walbury Hill, ring-tail, 24th November.
2014Hen Harrier, Jealott's Hill, 11th January.
2014Hen Harrier, Bury Down, ring-tail, 10th January to 5th March.
2014Hen Harrier, Bury Down, adult female, 4th September.
2013Hen Harrier, Bury Down, 28th November.
2013Hen Harrier, Jubilee River, ring-tail, 15th November.
2013Hen Harrier, Wishmoor Bottom, ring-tail, 20th April.
2013Hen Harrier, Wraysbury, female, 28th January, same as QMR.
2013Hen Harrier, Queen Mother Reservoir, female, 27th January.
2012Hen Harrier, Bury Down, ring-tail, 1st December.
2012Hen Harrier, Walbury Hill, ring-tail, 18th October.
2012Hen Harrier, Wellbottom Down, 24th March.
2012Hen Harrier, Bury Down, adult male, 3rd February to 2nd March.
2012Hen Harrier, Bury Down, female, 23rd January to 20th March.
<2012Hen Harrier, Confidential.

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