Turtle Dove

Recent sightings of Turtle Dove

24/04/19Turtle DoveEton Wick1D W Hampton
On the floods.  
23/04/19Turtle DoveEton Wick1D Cleal
Spotted on the edge of the flood on Dorney Common, after an hour it flew across the border and alighted in a tree along the Roundmoor Ditch, where it stayed until I left.  
23/04/19Turtle DoveEton Wick1D A Carter
In trees along roundmoor ditch, then flew into Dorney wetlands .  
31/05/15Turtle DoveMaidenhead Thicket1N Edwards
Feeding under bird feeder in private garden with collared doves. Neil Edwards.  
20/07/14Turtle DovePadworth Common1C Foster
Heard purring briefly at this time. 5 minutes later was perched on overhead cables before flying south towards Hampshire border. SU622647.  
07/07/14Turtle DoveFarnborough1B Lyle
Lands End, heard several times during TTV survey. Heard with GJStewart.  
14/06/14Turtle DoveHurst1M S Whitaker
Seen on patio in garden at Bonhomie Court, Broadcommon Road per one of my students by a third party. Photo now uploaded.  
13/06/14Turtle DovePadworth Lane GP1K E Moore
Heard only,3 times.PEH also heard on the third occassion.  
12/06/14Turtle DovePadworth Lane GP1K E Moore
still there until 1415 ,when it disappeared. Seen and heard with RHS.  
12/06/14Turtle DovePadworth Lane GP1R H Stansfield
m. Purring in same ash tree and showing at distance.  

Past records of Turtle Dove

2020Compton Downs, 22nd August. *
2020Tilehurst, 9th July. *
2020Confidential, 16th May to 16th June. *
2019Confidential, 23rd May to 28th July. *
2019Eton Wick, 23rd-24th April. *
2018Burnthouse Lane GP, male, 20th May. *
2018Confidential, male, 9th May. *
2017Peasemore, 2, 5th-12th July. *
2017Thatcham Marsh, 11th-12th June. *
2017Aldermaston GP, 8th-13th June. *
2017Hodcott Down, 28th May to 17th July. *
2017Padworth Common, 9th May to 17th June. *
<2017Confidential, many records.