Turtle Dove


Turtle Dove
Turtle Dove
Turtle Dove
Turtle Dove
Turtle Dove
Turtle Dove
Turtle Dove
Turtle Dove
Turtle Dove
Turtle Dove
Turtle Dove
Turtle Dove


2023Turtle Dove, Thatcham, 3rd May. *
2022Turtle Dove, Goring & Streatley Golf Club, 10th July. (P Rainsden)
2022Turtle Dove, Burghfield, 18th May. (P Walden)
2021Turtle Dove, Knowl Hill, 15th June. *
2021Turtle Dove, Confidential, 25th May. (A B Tomczynski)
2020Turtle Dove, Compton Downs, 22nd August. (G D Scholey)
2020Turtle Dove, Tilehurst, 9th July. *
2020Turtle Dove, Confidential, 16th May to 16th June. (A B Tomczynski)
2019Turtle Dove, Confidential, 23rd May to 28th July. (R. H. Stansfield)
2019Turtle Dove, Eton Wick, 23rd-24th April. (D. Cleal)
2018Turtle Dove, Burnthouse Lane GP, male, 20th May. (R. R. Keel)
2018Turtle Dove, Confidential, male, 9th May. (A. B. Tomczynski)
2017Turtle Dove, Peasemore, 2, 5th-12th July. *
2017Turtle Dove, Thatcham Marsh, 11th-12th June.
2017Turtle Dove, Aldermaston GP, 8th-13th June. (J P Martin)
2017Turtle Dove, Hodcott Down, 28th May to 17th July.
2017Turtle Dove, Padworth Common, 9th May to 17th June.
2016Turtle Dove, Padworth Lane GP, 15th May. (M F Walford)
2016Turtle Dove, Padworth Common, 6th May to 5th June. (K E Moore)
2015Turtle Dove, Brimpton GP, 13th-15th August. (G E Wilson)
2015Turtle Dove, Padworth Common, two, 15th June to 17th August. (T G Ball)
2015Turtle Dove, Maidenhead Thicket, 31st May. (N Edwards)
2015Turtle Dove, Aldermaston GP, two, 27th May. (J Legg)
2015Turtle Dove, Hodcott Down, 17th May to 25th June. (A B Tomczynski)
2014Turtle Dove, Padworth Common, 20th July. (C Foster)
2014Turtle Dove, Woolhampton GPs, 8th July. (J P Martin)
2014Turtle Dove, Farnborough, 7th July. (B Lyle, G J Stewart)
2014Turtle Dove, Hurst, 14th June. (M S F Whitaker)
2014Turtle Dove, Padworth Lane GP, 9th-17th June. (K E Moore)
2014Turtle Dove, Winkfield, 3rd June. (M S F Whitaker)
2014Turtle Dove, Hodcott Down, 27th May to 28th July. (A B Tomczynski)
2014Turtle Dove, Winnersh, 26th-27th May. (J Cole)
2014Turtle Dove, Foliejon Park, 29th April. (M S F Whitaker)
2014Turtle Dove, Aldermaston GP, two, 29th April to 1st August, 2 on Jun 22nd only. (J P Martin)
2013Turtle Dove, Queen Mother Reservoir, 25th August. (C D R Heard)
2013Turtle Dove, Crookham Common, 12th August. (A B Tomczynski)
2013Turtle Dove, Hodcott Down, two, 7th July to 6th August, 2 seen on 3rd August only. (A B Tomczynski)
2013Turtle Dove, Fifield, 30th June. (L Francis)
2013Turtle Dove, Winkfield Row, two, 22nd June. (D Crump)
2013Turtle Dove, Nuptown, 17th May to 15th June. (M S F Whitaker)
2013Turtle Dove, Burghfield GPs, two, 2nd May. (J Andrews)
2013Turtle Dove, Woolhampton GPs, 1st May. (R Collins)
2013Turtle Dove, Brimpton GP, 23rd-27th April. (J P Martin)
2013Turtle Dove, Aldermaston GP, two, 22nd April to 27th August, bred. (J P Martin)
2012Turtle Dove, Brimpton, 25th August. (G E Wilson)
2012Turtle Dove, Caversham, juvenile, 12th August. (G Killgallon)
2012Turtle Dove, Thatcham Marsh, 28th July. (I Weston, J Legg)
2012Turtle Dove, Holyport, two, 27th May to 5th June. (R Dawson)
2012Turtle Dove, Foliejon Park, 18th May to 1st July. (M S F Whitaker)
2012Turtle Dove, Thatcham Marsh, 8th May. (R R Keel)
2012Turtle Dove, Brimpton, 30th April. (G E Wilson)
2012Turtle Dove, Woolhampton GPs, two, 28th April to 18th June, 2 on 18th June only. (J P Martin)
2012Turtle Dove, Aldermaston GP, two, 4th April to 5th September, bred. (J P Martin)
<2012Turtle Dove, Confidential, many records.