Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Recent sightings of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

19/01/22Lesser Spotted WoodpeckerWebb's Lane Beenham1D T Brown
03/01/22Lesser Spotted WoodpeckerWokingham1R J Godden
m. Spent 20 mins in small tree on east side of tarmac track that leads south from Luckley Road. Park in Luckley Road just east of railway bridge and walk down track to discarded black hat on a fence post and bird was favouring one tree there for ages. I would have walked past underneath it but for quiet tapping. Finally bird flew to larger trees closer to railway. SU81166697. SU812670.  
31/12/21Lesser Spotted WoodpeckerWokingham1J Carson
In small trees in hedge between concrete track and cow fields. SU811669.  

Past records of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

2020Greenham Common, 3rd-6th April. *
2020Virginia Water, 8th March. *
2019Padworth Lane GP, 6th April. *
2019Moor Green Lakes, 5th April. *
2019Snelsmore Common, 30th March. *
2019Fobney Meadow, 28th March. *
2019Silwood Park, 29th January. *
2018Lower Farm GP, female, 22nd December. *
2018Holyport, 17th November. *
2018Beenham, female, 1st July. *
2018Winkfield, two, 18th June. *
2018Lower Farm GP, 20th May. *
2017Theale GPs, 21st December. *
2017Southcote Meadows, 28th November. *
2017Remenham, 23rd-28th April. *
2017Fobney Meadow, 7th April. *
2017Great Meadow Pond, 15th March. *
2017Wishmoor Bottom, 26th February. *
2017Sonning, 22nd February. *
2017Greenham Common, 8th February. *
<2017Confidential, many records.