Grey Phalarope

Recent sightings of Grey Phalarope

Past records of Grey Phalarope

2018Lavell's Lake, 1st November. *
2018Theale GPs, three, 22nd-23rd September, two still present on 23rd September. *
2017Lower Farm GP, adult, 30th September to 14th October. *
2017Billingbear Park GC, juvenile, 12th September. *
2014Queen Mother Reservoir, 14th October.
2011Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 12th-13th September.
2009Theale GPs, 15th November.
2008Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 2nd September.
2005Lower Farm GP, adult, 3rd November.
2005Queen Mother Reservoir, 2nd-5th November.
2003Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 15th-20th November.
1999Theale GPs, 29th-30th September.
1996Queen Mother Reservoir, 9th November.
1990Theale GPs, 18th November.
1987Twyford GPs, 18th October.
1987Queen Mother Reservoir, two, 16th October, one remaining until 19th.
1987Dinton Pastures CP, two, 16th October.
1983Theale GPs, 13th November.
1958Slough SF, 22nd November.
1957Slough SF, 3rd October.
1951Virginia Water, 6th October.
1950Ascot Place, 18th September.
1950Ham SF, 17th-21st September.
1935Slough SF, three, 11th-17th October.
1922Manor Farm SF, two, 2nd September.
1891Mortimer, 24th October, shot.
1891Tilehurst, 16th October, shot.
1870Newbury, 10th November, shot.
1870Wargrave, 24th October, shot.
1869Oare, 20th October, shot.
1867Maidenhead, autumn.
1866Newbury, two, 27th September, shot.
1866Pangbourne, shot. R. Thames between Whitchurch and Pangbourne.
1851Windsor, December, shot.