2023Scaup, Theale GPs, female, 27th-28th October. *
2022Scaup, Theale GPs, 18th-27th December. (A B Merrick)
2022Scaup, Lavell's Lake, 3, 15th October. *
2022Scaup, Thatcham Marsh, 24th May. *
2022Scaup, Lower Farm GP, 2, 19th-20th May. (M J Dear)
2022Scaup, Lavell's Lake, 16th-17th May. (P Scudamore)
2022Scaup, Theale GPs, 6th March. (A B Merrick)
2022Scaup, Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter male, 28th February. (C D R Heard)
2021Scaup, Horton GPs, 6th November. (C D R Heard)
2021Scaup, Lower Farm GP, 17th March to 25th April. (N Cleere)
2020Scaup, Burghfield GPs, 28th November to 16th March 2021. (M F Walford)
2020Scaup, Moor Green Lakes, 19th January. *
2019Scaup, Wraysbury GPs, first-winter male, 9th January to 10th February. (C D R Heard)
2019Scaup, Moor Green Lakes, 1st January to 18th March. (R C Murfitt)
2018Scaup, Moor Green Lakes, 28th-30th December. (R J Godden)
2018Scaup, Horton GPs, 1st December. (C D R Heard)
2018Scaup, Bray GPs, 20th November. (C D R Heard)
2018Scaup, Lower Farm GP, 30th-31st March. *
2018Scaup, Horton GPs, 18th March to 1st April. (C D R Heard)
2018Scaup, Bray GPs, 8th-21st February. (C D R Heard)
2017Scaup, Lower Farm GP, 18th April. *
2017Scaup, Wraysbury GPs, first-winter drake, 2nd January to 4th February. (C D R Heard)
2017Scaup, Theale GPs, 1st January to 11th March.
2016Scaup, Dinton Pastures CP, male, 7th-11th December. (I D Paine)
2016Scaup, Burghfield GPs, first-winter male, 5th-7th December. (K E Moore, D J Barker)
2016Scaup, Burghfield GPs, adult male, 30th November. (C D R Heard)
2016Scaup, Theale GPs, first-winter female, 18th November to 26th December. (A B Tomczynski)
2016Scaup, Theale GPs, first-winter male, 17th-18th November. (A B Tomczynski)
2016Scaup, Wraysbury GPs, first-winter male, 17th November to 26th December. (C D R Heard)
2016Scaup, Horton GPs, first-winter or adult female, 13th November. (C D R Heard)
2016Scaup, Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 4th November. (C D R Heard)
2015Scaup, Moor Green Lakes, male, 1st April. (P Kendall)
2015Scaup, Moor Green Lakes, male, 18th January to 2nd February. (R C Murfitt, G Randall)
2014Scaup, Lower Farm GP, male, 16th March to 14th April. (N Cleere)
2014Scaup, Moor Green Lakes, male, 20th-22nd February.
2013Scaup, Woolhampton GPs, female, 25th-30th March. (B May)
2013Scaup, Woolhampton GPs, adult male, 26th January to 12th April. (K E Moore)
2012Scaup, Bray GPs, first-winter, 25th November to 4th December. (C D R Heard)
2012Scaup, Bray GPs, first-winter female, 24th November to 26th March 2013. (C D R Heard)
2012Scaup, Dinton Pastures CP, adult male, 7th November. (R S Jacobs)
2012Scaup, Wraysbury GPs, adult male, 14th-15th October. (C D R Heard)
2012Scaup, Wraysbury GPs, first-winter female, 13th-27th March. (C D R Heard)
2012Scaup, Theale GPs, female, 12th February. (R J Burness)
<2012Scaup, Confidential, many records.