Recent sightings of Garganey

19/09/21GarganeyFleethill Farm1R J Godden
Prob juvenile. Seen with PBT, RD and PC. Private site, view only from footpath.  
28/10/20GarganeyLower Farm GP1G Stewart
male. Good sighting and distinctive head patterning seen. Seen with PT.  
20/09/20GarganeySearles Farm Lane GP, Burghfield GPs1D Andrews
13/09/20GarganeyEton Wick1D Cleal
Juv previously in Bucks now on the Berks side.  
14/06/20GarganeyEton Wick1R C Watts
f. Seen with Cathy.Derek and Denise. Just In reed beds Seems to be happy just sitting there. Still present when I left at 14:40.  
14/06/20GarganeyEton Wick1K P Duncan
still present.  
13/06/20GarganeyEton Wick1M F Walford
fem. On the flood.  
15/05/20GarganeyColebrook Lake, Moor Green Lakes1J D Savage
male. On tern island. (Photo uploaded - record shot) .  
28/04/20GarganeyMartin's Heron, Bracknell2M A Johnstone
Pair seen on Allsmoor Pond.  
24/03/20GarganeyDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River1D A Carter
Negative news
No sign on the wetlands or Eton Wick flood early am.  

Past records of Garganey

2020Lower Farm GP, 28th October. *
2020Burghfield GPs, 20th September. *
2020Eton Wick, 13th September. *
2020Great Meadow Pond, juvenile, 26th June to 2nd August. *
2020Eton Wick, 13th-14th June. *
2020Moor Green Lakes, 15th May. *
2020Martin's Heron, Bracknell, 2, 28th April. *
2020Dorney Wetlands, 2, 23rd March. *
2020Padworth Lane floods, 2, 22nd-23rd March. *
2020Lower Farm GP, 2, 18th March. *
2019Dinton Pastures CP, 6th-7th November. *
2019Holybrook Linear Park, Calcot, 2, 27th August. *
2019Dinton Pastures CP, 26th August to 6th September. *
2019Lea Farm Lake, 6th-31st August. *
2019Dinton Pastures CP, 30th April to 6th May. *
2019Padworth Lane GP, 31st March. *
2019Burghfield GPs, 2, 29th March to 2nd April. *
2019Lower Farm GP, 2, 22nd March. *
2018Wraysbury GPs, 28th October. *
2018Burghfield GPs, 18th August. *
2018Eton Wick, 12th August to 4th September. *
2018Lea Farm Lake, 28th June to 3rd July. *
2018Lower Farm GP, 2, 9th-10th June. *
2018Moor Green Lakes, 2, 7th-9th June. *
2018Fobney Meadow, 2, 25th May. *
2018Theale GPs, 22nd-26th May. *
2018Great Meadow Pond, 13th May. *
2018Horton Field Pits, 2, 7th May. *
2018Moor Copse, 2, 12th April. *
2018Fobney Meadow, 4, 2nd April. *
2017Lea Farm Lake, 26th September to 8th October. *
2017Dinton Pastures CP, 18th September. *
2017Heron Lake, male, 31st August. *
2017Queen Mother Reservoir, 24th August to 6th September. *
2017Lower Farm GP, 2, 18th June. *
2017Moor Green Lakes, 7th May. *
2017Theale GPs, 30th April. *
2017Burghfield GPs, 23rd April. *
2017Dinton Pastures CP, female, 18th-26th April. *
2017Dinton Pastures CP, male, 12th-18th April. *
2017Lower Farm GP, 8th April to 7th May. *
2017Padworth Lane GP, 5th April. *
2017Thatcham Marsh, 2, 29th March. *
2017Dinton Pastures CP, female, 24th-29th March. *
2017Fobney Meadow, 2, 17th March to 26th April. *
2017Dinton Pastures CP, male, 11th-17th March. *
<2017Confidential, many records.