Short-eared Owl

Recent sightings of Short-eared Owl

25/10/20Short-eared OwlMoor Green Lakes1J Reid
Over new workings, gained hight and disappeared north, seen with CG. 12:20 Same or possibly second bird watched for 20 mins hunting over new working, landing frequently.  
06/10/20Short-eared OwlDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River1K P Duncan
hunting briefly on Southern bank near Monument Hill before flying over to Dorney Common (Bucks).  
10/08/20Short-eared OwlHurst1D N Rimes
Flew high SE from Sandford Lane area towards Lunt Avenue.  
12/02/20Short-eared OwlFobney Meadow1A V Lawson
ProbableSpotted an owl quartering the fields at around 10:00. Watched for a minute or so before it flew into fields out of view. I suspect Short Eared Owl based on behaviour habitat and time of day. I was however looking into the sun so my view was compromised and only brief.  
26/10/18Short-eared OwlBurnthouse Lane GP (S), Pingewood GPs1K E Moore
also at 1600 hrs with BTB. Please only view from the public footpath.  
15/10/18Short-eared OwlQueen Mother Reservoir1A D Bassett
Flushed from the reservoir banking (water side) and flew over Horton Road, landing in rank vegetation. Permit holders only.  
09/03/18Short-eared OwlQueen Mother Reservoir1P J Newbound
Circling very high. Permit holders only.  
22/05/16Short-eared OwlMoor Green Lakes1J C Morgan
being mobbed by b h gulls over new workings.  
23/04/16Short-eared OwlGreenham Common1R Dawson
Drifted into fireplane area where mobbed by crows then moved off towards Crookham common. Returned at 11:00 and disappeared behind the industrial area buildings.  
10/03/16Short-eared OwlPadworth Lane GP1P Hickman
Circling very high near two Red Kites over the river. Seen by all the work party attendees.