Ortolan Bunting

Recent sightings of Ortolan Bunting

23/04/18ORTOLAN BUNTINGDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River1P J Newbound
Unknown bird singing from top of bush for several minutes whilst doing a BBS. Unable to see it. Flew across Jubilee River to SSF where I could not relocate it. Checked song when I got home and I think it may have been an Ortolan Bunting.  
09/09/17ORTOLAN BUNTINGLower Farm GP1N Cleere
over, calling. Headed west. Bird seen but identified on call.  
08/10/08ORTOLAN BUNTINGGreenham Common3T Mercer
1m 2f. just off central "runway". Good views from quite close in good light. Very restless and flitting about. Flew off west when a flock of jackdaws landed amongst them.  
05/09/07ORTOLAN BUNTINGWraysbury GPs1C Lamsdell

Past records of Ortolan Bunting

2017Lower Farm GP, 9th September. *
2007Wraysbury GPs, juvenile, 5th September, trapped.
1958Silwood Park, 28th October.
1860sCookham, three, shot.