Golden Oriole

Recent sightings of Golden Oriole

04/05/17Golden OrioleWoolhampton GPs1N Cleere
ad. m. Very, very brief sighting of a vivid yellow, thrush-sized bird that flew across the track about 50ft in front of me and disappeared into trees at western end of pit, north of Garganey pit. Couldn't relocate and no singing heard. Not sure what will happen with this, but in my experience, can't have been anything else. Entire sighting lasted less than a second !  
13/09/15Golden OrioleSandhurst1R J Godden
A bird heard for a minute but not seen around my garden giving the song phrases of a Golden Oriole. The phrases were repeated more frequently than I've heard from the real thing, plus with the time of year, I suspect it was another species (e.g. Starling) imitating the song.  
17/05/14Golden OrioleMoor Green LakesR J Godden
Negative news
Not heard in an hour up to 12:45 with CG.  
17/05/14Golden OrioleMoor Green Lakes1M F Walford
Received the following from Bruce Archer: Roger Murfitt rang to let me know he HEARD (only) a Golden Oriole, beside the pond on Lower Sandhurst Rd about 10:15 this morning.  
17/05/14Golden OrioleNew workings, Moor Green Lakes1R Murfitt
male. Heard singing from 10:10 to about 11:20a.m (100% certain on ID) from alder woodland and oaks at northern side of New Workings adjacent to Lower Sandhurst road, SU802628. Please only view from the public footpath.  
02/07/13Golden OrioleWraysbury GPs1M F Walford
female or immature male flew southeast from poplars by railway station along railwaytowards Staines Moor at 09:08 (per  
09/04/07Golden OrioleK&A Canal, Guyer's Lock1R R Capewell
m. seen by daughter and husband; size, plumage and call all match.  
30/05/03Golden OrioleBinfield1B McCartney
PossibleThere was a report of a bird on feeders in a Binfield garden this morning.  
19/05/02Golden OrioleClayfield Copse, Caversham1G Randall
m. 7 seconds time.  
19/05/02Golden OrioleClayfield Copse, Caversham1M F Walford

Past records of Golden Oriole

2018Wokingham, 17th August. *
2018Whiteknights Park, Reading, 25th March. *
2017Woolhampton GPs, adult male, 4th May. *
2014Moor Green Lakes, male, 17th May.
2013Wraysbury GPs, fem/imm male, 2nd July.
2002Clayfield Copse, Caversham, male, 19th May.
1992Rapley Lake, male and female, 29th-30th May.
1990Windsor Great Park, 12th May, record not listed in bird reports.
1983Theale GPs, immature male, 23rd May.
1981Newbury, 11th May, also 13th May.
1971Ashley Hill, male, 13th May.
1957Ascot, male and female, 4th October.
1956Windsor Great Park, male, 20th September.
1937Newbury, late May/early June, found dead..
1870Enborne, two.