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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2023 and 31/12/2023.

24/09/23Cattle EgretFleethill Farm1J C Morgan
in with horses in field by river at end of 2. on way back it had relocated to pony paddocks on other side of river in hants. Private site, view only from footpath.  
16/09/23Cattle EgretLea Farm Lake1J E Warren
ad. Found and photographed by Me. Pics on BOC Facebook page. SU782734.  
26/08/23Cattle EgretHosehill Lake, Theale GPs1A B Merrick
On island with Little Egrets. Non-breeding plumage - no orange plumes. All black legs and feet, yellow bill.  
11/08/23Cattle EgretLea Farm Lake1F J Cottington
Flew in from Lavell's, then lost and relocated Lavell's 11:20 video at  
11/08/23Cattle EgretLower Farm GP1M J Dear
11/08/23Cattle EgretLower Farm GP18A B Tomczynski
Negative news
Flew off east 12:15hrs.  
11/08/23Cattle EgretLavell's Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1P Bright-Thomas
(per Tim James, Rick Dawson) From Bittern Hide, then to Lea Farm Lake, then back to Lavell's at 11:20 (Fraser Cottington).  
11/08/23Cattle EgretCock Marsh16A D Bassett
This flock arrived as a 1 and a 15 into Little Marlow GP at 07:15 and 07:40 respectively before all 16 flew of south. I watched them eventually fly over Winter Hill and continue going.  
11/08/23Cattle EgretLavell's Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1M F Walford
From Bittern Hide. Found earlier by Tim James.  
11/08/23Cattle EgretLower Farm GP18M J Taylor
still present at back of pit.  
11/08/23Cattle EgretLower Farm GP18N Cleere
Just flown in.  
10/08/23Cattle EgretLower Farm GP15M Stuttard
Still there, but no sign of juvenile...  
10/08/23Cattle EgretLower Farm GP18N Cleere
A staggering flock just dropped in, 1 imm and the rest with adult coloured bills.  
18/07/23Cattle EgretHosehill Lake, Theale GPs1K E Moore
ad. OnN.edge of natural island.  
08/04/23Cattle EgretRiver Loddon1J E Warren
Flew down stream in full view but as took ages for Me to realise I was not seeing a Little egret no pic. Egret was short and dumpy in comparison to Little egret. I vaguely remember some brown on it but could not say where as was still thinking Little egret until it passed Me. Lost too view when My brain finally realised what it was. SU780731.  
03/04/23Cattle EgretHosehill Lake, Theale GPs1A B Merrick
In trees in NE corner before flying over to Main Pit.  
26/03/23Cattle EgretThatcham Marsh1M J Dear
25/03/23Cattle EgretThatcham Marsh1R Keel
Still in field with cattle, N of canal. SU513662.  
24/03/23Cattle EgretThatcham1C Foster
Still present in muddy field west of station and north of canal. With cattle and at least 4 Little Egret. Seen from train arriving in Thatcham.  
23/03/23Cattle EgretThatcham1C Burch
Still present, with 6 little egret.  
23/03/23Cattle EgretThatcham1D Reynolds
West of railway station, north of canal, very muddy field with cattle.  
08/02/23Cattle EgretChapel Green1E Napper
Still in field with Cattle approx 50m from Ist gate on drive to Ludgrove School.  
07/02/23Cattle EgretChapel Green1M J Hubbard
Mainly in ditch with cattle in front of pens seen from Gorrick Woods access road. SU811668.  
06/02/23Cattle EgretChapel Green1J Carson
Still present, with the cattle near the pens. Seen from road to Gorrick Wood. SU811669.  
03/02/23Cattle EgretChapel Green1R Dawson
On edge of copse E of cattle pens, seen from road to Gorrick Wood.  
01/02/23Cattle EgretChapel Green1E Napper
Negative news
No Cattle therefore no Egret after 5 days in residence.  
30/01/23Cattle EgretChapel Green1E Napper
Still in field with Cattle though distant. View from access road to Gorrick Woods.  
29/01/23Cattle EgretChapel Green1S Stevenson
Still present. With cattle in S half of field. Viewed from Gorrick Cottage access road. SU811669.  
28/01/23Cattle EgretChapel Green1S Stevenson
Still present in bottom half of field at 16:45, very uncooperatlively skulking in the muddy ditch. Seen from Gorrick access road. SU812668.  
28/01/23Cattle EgretChapel Green1P Burden
Still present. With cattle in field alongside the access track to Gorrick Plantation.  
28/01/23Cattle EgretWokingham1R C Watts
Still luckly road. SU810673.  
28/01/23Cattle EgretChapel Green1E Napper
Still with Cattle in field viewed from access road to Gorrick Plantation.  
27/01/23Cattle EgretChapel Green1P Kendall
Still present, location as reported 16:45 yesterday.  
26/01/23Cattle EgretChapel Green1P Bright-Thomas
Still present 400m S of Ludgrove access road, seen from Gorick access road. Some faint orange on crown, so probably an adult not yet in breeding plumage.  
26/01/23Cattle EgretChapel Green1R Dawson
Seen earlier with cattle, but now just 20 yards from the road opposite Lucas Hospital.  
26/01/23Cattle EgretChapel Green1S Stevenson
Still present at 2:30. Same field, but with a small herd of cattle much further south of the Ludgrove School access road: actually best seen from the Gorrick Cottage access road which runs down the W side of the field. Patch tick! SU812667.  
26/01/23Cattle EgretChapel Green1E Napper
In first field on right with cattle on drive to Ludgrove School. Park in lay-by after bridge onLuckley Road.