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Recent sightings reported by Fraser Cottington

16/01/22White-fronted GooseHurst18F J Cottington
Flew in from DP direction, landed, fed, but flushed in under 10 minutes by a dog walker - flew fast SW over Dunt Lane, but lost behind trees and not relocated at BSL video here SU790727.  
14/01/22White-fronted GooseLea Farm Lake18F J Cottington
Visible from bottom of car park field, but when flushed some go to Lavell's Lake, others go to Lea Farm Lake to the West. Lea Farm Lake is members only, but open to non members when a member is present. Parking is restricted and if no lay-by spot suggest paying in DAC car park opposite, or at Museum of Berkshire aviation then walk NE along old Colemansmoor Road and right on Sandford Lane, then inside Lavell's East until you reach the car park field.  
08/01/22Great White EgretLea Farm Lake1F J Cottington
Dropped in to NE corner, before flying to SW corner 10 mins later.  
08/01/22ShelduckLea Farm Lake1F J Cottington
Still present in SW corner.  
02/01/22Yellow-legged GullLea Farm Lake1F J Cottington
2nd cy. Very pale headed, subtle smudge around eye, stonking bill, coverts all steady brown, tertials large, chocolate brown and large white terminal band, no Herring like notching and not worn either. Sadly flew off before I could get a pic.  
02/01/22Mediterranean GullLea Farm Lake2F J Cottington
1stW + ad winter - 1stW stayed for over an hour, adult flew over and off North video of 1st W here  
01/01/22PeregrineLea Farm Lake1F J Cottington
Flew over then perched in tree at North end.  
01/01/22Brent GooseLea Farm Lake50F J Cottington
Distant views of a large number arriving from the NW, dropping low and out of view as if to land, but then kept going East, then turned back and NE. Views hindered by trees and distance, but close enough to hear their bark like calls. Unprecedented.  
01/01/22Great White EgretLavell's Lake, Dinton Pastures CP2F J Cottington
1 heading SE over Lavell's, 2nd bird dropped onto back of scrape, stayed 10 mins and flew off towards LFL where it was seen on and off all morning.  
01/01/22GoosanderBlack Swan Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1F J Cottington
m. Still between islands.  

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Black-tailed Godwit
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Hooded Crow
Hooded Crow
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