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26/09/21PeregrineNewbury BT Exchange2K G White
Mrs N & B69 on the rooftop. SU474669.  
25/09/21PeregrineNewbury BT Exchange2K G White
B69 and Mrs N present on the rooftop. SU473669.  
24/09/21PeregrineFobney Meadow1A V Lawson
22/09/21PeregrineFobney Meadow1A V Lawson
24/09/21PeregrineSt Luke's Church Maidenhead1D Fuller
fem coming into full plumage. I think that this bird was born in 2020 and is nearly into full adult plumage. I have talked this through with Ken White and he agrees that it seems likely.very scruffy plumage and all adult feather structure not quite right. SU887816.  
23/09/21PeregrineFobney Meadow1R C Price
Ad. In pylon 5 . Gone by 15:50.  
22/09/21PeregrineNewbury BT Exchange2K G White
B69 & Mrs N on top girder. SU473669.  
22/09/21PeregrineNewbury town centre2K G White
Both adults on BT and nearby rooftop. SU473671.  
19/09/21PeregrineNewbury BT Exchange3K G White
First Mrs N & then B69 launched in fast level flight to the NE from BT. As they were reaching the visible distant horizon a 3rd Peregrine was observed carrying a large prey item. It would appear that they had gone to intercept this bird but on reaching it turned round and came straight back to BT. We concluded that it might have been a juvenile Peregrine, possibly one of their own and they left it alone with no confrontation. SU473668.  
19/09/21PeregrineNewbury BT Exchange2K G White
ad. Both adults on BT 06.35. SU474669.  
18/09/21PeregrineEmmbrook1P O'Neill
Drifting E over Eamer Crescent, accompanied by a Red Kite.  
15/09/21PeregrineMain Pit, Theale GPs1H R Netley
On island pylon.  
13/09/21PeregrineSulhamstead1P Hickman
On the pylon south of Shortheath Lane.  
10/09/21PeregrineMain Pit, Theale GPs1K E Moore
ad. Flying over towards Hosehill.  
11/09/21PeregrineFobney Meadow1R C Price
In Pylon 3.  
11/09/21PeregrineHosehill Lake, Theale GPs1A B Merrick
ad. On pylon 80.  
10/09/21PeregrineNewbury BT Exchange3K G White
2 ad 1 juv. Both adults on BT and juv Blue PS still vociferously demanding to be provisioned with prey, screaming around the rooftops at them. Juv Joe did briefly go off in serious hunting mode but came back to BT without prey. SU474669.  
06/09/21PeregrineThe Grange Hotel, Bracknell Town Center1J E Warren
06/09/21PeregrineFobney Meadow1A V Lawson
06/09/21PeregrineSulhamstead1P Hickman
On pylon south of Shortheath Lane.  
05/09/21PeregrineNewbury BT Exchange2K G White
1 ad 1 juv. Mrs N eating prey on nearby rooftop. Juv came and took remains away. Mrs back on BT top girder but has now gone off hunting again. SU474669.  
04/09/21PeregrineSulhamstead1P Hickman
On north side of the pylon south of Shortheath Lane. First sighting here for a few weeks.  
04/09/21PeregrineSonning Meadows1A B Tomczynski
04/09/21PeregrineSulhamstead1P Hickman
On north side of the pylon south of Shortheath Lane. First sighting here for a few weeks.  
04/09/21PeregrineNewbury BT Exchange2K G White
ad. Mrs N on BT B69 on rooftop nearby. No sign of any juv yet. SU474670.  
03/09/21PeregrineNewbury BT Exchange2K G White
1 ad 1 juv. Mrs N came in with feral pigeon to the BT rooftop. Juv male took it immediately with a lot of screaming to another part of the rooftop. SU474669.  
03/09/21PeregrineNewbury BT Exchange2K G White
1 ad 1 juv. Mrs N arrived onto the top girder joined minutes later by calling male juv. She went off hunting and juv perched up on construction crane, returning to the top girder after a while. SU474669.  
28/08/21PeregrineWalbury Hill1D Reynolds
27/08/21PeregrineMain Pit, Theale GPs1A B Merrick
juv. Wash and brush-up on Sailing club beach before flying to Sailing club pylon.  
27/08/21PeregrineNewbury BT Exchange2K G White
1 ad 1 juv. Mrs N brought in well eaten prey to BT...only just light to see her. Juv called from top of construction crane and the two met over town centre for aerial foodpass. Both returned to BT. SU474669.  
26/08/21PeregrineHosehill Lake, Theale GPs1A B Merrick
Flew from pylon 79 SE of lake.  
25/08/21PeregrineNew workings, Moor Green Lakes1R Murfitt
juv. Sitting on the infill. Please only view from the public footpath.  
25/08/21PeregrineNewbury BT Exchange2K G White
1 ad 1 juv. So far Mrs N on BT and juv on nearby rooftop, prob Joe, Blue PS based on feather details, colour ring not visible at the moment. SU474669.  
23/08/21PeregrineEast Fen, Moor Green Lakes1R F Milligan
Juv, attacking a Common Tern in the water. After a few attempts it flew off after being mobbed by a BHG and another Common Tern. Please only view from the public bridleway.  
22/08/21PeregrineNewbury BT Exchange2K G White
ad. Mrs N & B69 on BT this morning. No juvs detected in 2 hours. SU473668.  
20/08/21PeregrineNewbury BT Exchange3K G White
2 ad 1 juv. Both adults on BT. Juv on construction crane B69 brought in live prey and Blue PS "Joe" took it in flight. SU474669.  
16/08/21PeregrineNewbury BT Exchange1K G White
juv intruder. Just had a visit from an "intruder" juvenile to unringed 2021 juvenile. It has more pale patches on the ear coverts and nape and very pale tips to the upper tail coverts not seen on the Newbury juvs. See Twitter @NewburyPeregrin. SU474669.  
16/08/21PeregrineNewbury BT Exchange3K G White
2 ad 1 juv. Both adults now seen this morning. 1 juv seen twice at a distance, maybe 2 juvs all together. SU474669.  
16/08/21PeregrineNewbury BT Exchange2K G White
Mrs N and one juv on BT and nearby rooftops. Juv perched on a construction crane for a while. Last night at 21:40 2 Peregrines roosting on BT (per R.B.) on window sills, therefore likely to be the 2 adults. SU473668.