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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2023 and 31/12/2023.

24/12/23MerlinWellington College1C Gent
hunting flight through the kilometre, possibly after the many siskins around.  
04/12/23MerlinWheatfield1T Pointer
Flying low and fast along hedgerow. SU695993.  
05/11/23MerlinEastbury Fields1A B Merrick
ad m. In Hawthorns, occasionally making hunting flights. Watched, fairly distantly, for over an hour and a half.  
30/10/23MerlinLea Farm Lake1A B Tomczynski
13/10/23MerlinFinchampstead Ridges1C Gent
male. small light blue falcon flashed across in front of car. shape, size and colour all indicate male merlin too small and compact for hobby, which all departed 2 weeks previous.  
08/10/23MerlinLea Farm Lake1F J Cottington
Very distant bird East of landfill heading South.  
09/09/23MerlinEnglefield1R Crawford
fem/juv. Between gate and Mayridge Farm, flew low along lane in front of my vehicle for some distance before disappearing through a gap in the hedge.  
23/04/23MerlinLambourn1J Lerpiniere
male. Tiny dark slate grey pointed wings skimming side to side down White Shute byway at knee height between high hedges in front of car before turning left on side track. SU3277.  
27/03/23MerlinBury Down1A E Hickman
fem/imm. Pulled up in the Bury Down car park, saw a group of skylarks flush and then saw the Merlin shooting passed, in very fast flight, south eastwards. Very opportune!  
16/02/23MerlinFobney Meadow1A B Tomczynski
male. Flew rapidly low over marsh from NW direction at something, missed then rose up circling before flying rapidly south into the drizzle. Site tick! Seen well. Small falcon. Blue back, terminal tail band and darker primaries. Peachy-yellowish breast.  
09/02/23MerlinBrimpton Airfield1A E Hickman
prob imm male. Seen with Joe Monkhouse while doing the Big Farmland Bird Count for Wasing Estate. Falcon appeared suddenly, possibly from hedgerow, attacking, and scattering some passerines feeding on a winter bird cover crop. It eventually singled out a Redwing and chased it as it performed some erratic evasive manoeuvres escape, which the Merlin matched with speed and agility. Outcome of chase unknown as both birds went out of view. The Merlin was small, and for a spit second when it was flying low over the ground, I thought it was a Mistle Thrush until it gained height and accelerated into full chase mode! It had sharply pointed wings and a moderate length tail, and its flight was fast and very agile with rapidly flickering wing beats. Due to the dull conditions no plumage details were discernible. It just appeared to be dark greyish brown. Due to its apparent small size, we thought that it was likely to be a male, possibly immature. Pointed wings ruled out Sparrowhawk, too small and lightweight for Peregrine, too fast and agile for Kestrel. . SU578653.  
31/01/23MerlinCow Down, West Ilsley1A B Tomczynski
30/01/23MerlinJouldings Farm, Farley Hill1J T Taylor
16/01/23MerlinSulhamstead1P Driver
1w. On Milehouse Farm (private site). Looks like same one as last month. About half a mile distant across two fields, sat preening and resting. Russet chest with bold streaking, pale throat contrasting with chest. Thin pale supercilium, thin moustachial stripe , second stripe down behind ear coverts.stretched tail feathers to reveal four bands and broad terminal band. Wings short, not extending to length of tail. Flew off Eastwards at 13.51. Photos uploaded . SU631701.