Adrian Hickman

Location: Newbury

Recent sightings reported by Adrian Hickman

19/05/22WheatearCrookham Common1A E Hickman
fem. Plus a probable Whimbrel flew west over the common early morning. Too distant to see any detail or bill shape and didn't call but don't think it was bulky enough for Curlew. Please keep to the main paths.  
18/05/22WheatearGreenham Common1A E Hickman
male. Very smart male but despite late--ish date not showing charactets of Greenland race. Please keep to the main paths.  
05/05/22WhinchatCrookham Common1A E Hickman
fem. With 3 Wheatears. Please keep to the main paths.  
05/05/22WheatearCrookham Common5A E Hickman
Possibly 8, although 3 may have moved. Please keep to the main paths.  
02/05/22WhinchatCrookham Pools, Crookham Common2A E Hickman
pair. North side main pool.  
02/05/22Common SandpiperCrookham Pools, Crookham Common1A E Hickman
27/04/22Reed WarblerNewbury2A E Hickman
In song Norhcroft marsh reedbed. SU459672.  
23/04/22Grasshopper WarblerNewbury2A E Hickman
Speen moors. Two reeling now!  
18/04/22OystercatcherNewbury1A E Hickman
West over Northcroft park calling. Bit of a surprise! SU463670.  
14/04/22Grasshopper WarblerSpeen, Newbury1A E Hickman
male. Heard reeling from scrub yesterday (13/4) evening at 20:30. Third consecutive year at this site. SU450673.  

Recent photos by Adrian Hickman

Cattle Egret
Ring-necked Duck
Wood Sandpiper
Great White Egret