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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2023 and 31/12/2023.

09/10/23Little OwlWhite Waltham Airfield1D Cleal
Calling from gardens opposite the airfield entrance.  
05/10/23Little OwlWaltham St Lawrence1D Cleal
Calling from the grounds of the church at dusk.  
24/08/23Little OwlStrand Water, Cookham3B D Clews
2 on posts, and 1 on the ground in car headlights, per Mark Christie.  
12/08/23Little OwlChapel Green1S Stevenson
Calling from field S of Ludgrove access road, competiing with the tawny owl. SU812673.  
20/07/23Little OwlBattlemead Common1C Carlaw
23/06/23Little OwlCookham Dean1B D Clews
photographed in own garden, per David Harrison.  
16/06/23Little OwlBattlemead Common2C Carlaw
Suspect nesting, seeing in same place most evenings.  
12/06/23Little OwlBattlemead Common1C Carlaw
06/06/23Little OwlWokingham Town Centre1M J Hubbard
At 2130 yesterday 05/06 dropped over the front of my van onto the pavement on Wiltshire Road, upon what I couldn't see, just as I was just pulling off from my roadside delivery ...1 second llater I would've hit it unwittingly but luckily enough I got visual on it to know exactly what it was that I gladly just missed !!! SU814696.  
02/06/23Little OwlChapel Green2J Carson
Sat together in hole in the same tree as earlier in the year. NE of cattle pens.  
27/05/23Little OwlStrand Water, Cookham1B D Clews
seen and photographed by Barry Weare.  
04/04/23Little OwlStrand Water, Cookham1B D Clews
05/03/23Little OwlGorrick Plantation1R C Watts
Seen from road at site.  
28/02/23Little OwlChapel Green1P Kendall
In same hole as described previously, but only intermittently showing.  
27/02/23Little OwlChapel Green1R C Watts
Same tree as before.within 5 minutes of getting there. With R.S. A.A and B M. Cracking views.  
27/02/23Little OwlChapel Green1R J Godden
In tree described by ABT. No sign of others closer to Ludgrove School.  
26/02/23Little OwlChapel Green1J Carson
Same hole in tree, as described by ABT yesterday, thanks.  
25/02/23Little OwlChapel Green1A B Tomczynski
Sat in entrance of hole in tree about 10 ft up. Tree just NE of old trailers. Seen from track to Gorrick plantation. ///basis.shovels.learn.  
24/02/23Little OwlChapel Green2R Dawson
Calling apparently from trees along the stream but neither seen. Heard from footpath running S along the edge of Ludgrove School. SU816670.  
14/02/23Little OwlChapel Green1P O'Neill
Calling from trees near Ludgrove school.  
08/02/23Little OwlNew workings, Moor Green Lakes1P Kendall
In door of owl box by Manor Lake. Still there at 15:45. Please only view from the public footpath.  
31/01/23Little OwlWarfield2D A MacKenzie Dodds
Together on a bare branch very near an old little owl nest site (we're talking 7 or 8 years ago now). Wonderful to see little owls here again.  
22/01/23Little OwlPingewood1T A Guyatt
ad. One still in view at c15:00, sitting near the ground on root of middle Oak, at BHL,then flew up to a post and on up into the tree where lost to view at 15:10.  
22/01/23Little OwlPingewood2M F Walford
On fence posts below the middle oak in the horse paddock at Burnthouse Lane .  

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