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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2023 and 31/12/2023.

26/12/23Corn BuntingCow Down, West Ilsley7N J Bucknell
one by Ridgeway, 6 over track to West Ilsley.  
23/12/23Corn BuntingRoden Downs4N J Bucknell
by Ridgeway, at foot of hill.  
23/12/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs8N J Bucknell
on overhead lines by track to East Ilsley.  
11/12/23Corn BuntingWest Ilsley40N J Bucknell
along Ridgeway between Bury Down car-park and Sheep Down, many singning.  
08/12/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)15N J Bucknell
08/12/23Corn BuntingRoden Downs7N J Bucknell
on overhead line, along Ridgeway from foot of hill to Compton railway bridge only.  
08/12/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs36N J Bucknell
on circuit around Compton Gallops.  
06/12/23Corn BuntingRoden Downs50A B Tomczynski
At least.  
25/11/23Corn BuntingCow Down, West Ilsley25N J Bucknell
by Ridgeway, additional to birds further east along Ridgeway.  
25/11/23Corn BuntingBury Down70N J Bucknell
estimate - mobile flocks passing between stubble to north and scrub by Ridgeway between west car park and Cow Down.  
23/11/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs40N J Bucknell
on overhead lines by track to East Ilsley with similar number of Linnets & Goldfinches.  
15/11/23Corn BuntingRoden Downs8N J Bucknell
along Ridgeway at foot of hill.  
15/11/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)50N J Bucknell
either side of concrete road in kale growing in stubble (at least this number).  
05/11/23Corn BuntingEastbury Down50A B Merrick
31/10/23Corn BuntingRoden Downs10N J Bucknell
alongside Ridgeway at foot of hill.  
31/10/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)12N J Bucknell
at least this number, most along concrete road.  
31/10/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs160A B Tomczynski
Counted on wires 95 then 65 at another location.  
25/10/23Corn BuntingCow Down, West Ilsley27A B Tomczynski
09/10/23Corn BuntingCow Down, West Ilsley30N J Bucknell
in bushes by Ridgeway.  
05/10/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)40N J Bucknell
by concrete road, also feeding on stubble.  
05/10/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs10N J Bucknell
9 by track to East Ilsley at 10-55; one over Compton Gallops at 11-10.  
25/09/23Corn BuntingBury Down8N J Bucknell
west of western car park.  
23/09/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs19N J Bucknell
on triangular field NW of junction of Ridgeway and tracks to Compton & East Ilsley.  
10/09/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs1N J Bucknell
on gallops by track to Churn.  
08/09/23Corn BuntingBury Down3N J Bucknell
by Ridgeway, east of eastern car park.  
08/09/23Corn BuntingSheep Down (West Ilsley)15N J Bucknell
over track to West Ilsley.  
04/09/23Corn BuntingSheep Down (West Ilsley)6N J Bucknell
by track to West Ilsley.  
03/09/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)6N J Bucknell
01/09/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs1N J Bucknell
by track to East Ilsley.  
29/08/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs2N J Bucknell
by track to East Ilsley.  
28/08/23Corn BuntingCow Down, West Ilsley33N J Bucknell
in uncut oats in loop at top of gallops.  
27/08/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs38N J Bucknell
11 on newly cut wheat north of track to Churn at 20-35; 27 on small triangular field NW of junction of Ridgeway & track to E Ilsley.  
25/08/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)1N J Bucknell
by concrete road.  
25/08/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs10N J Bucknell
in uncut wheat north of track to East Ilsley - included some juveniles.  
16/08/23Corn BuntingRoden Downs1N J Bucknell
on overhead line by Ridgeway at foot of hill - in addition to the 51 noted at Churn.  
16/08/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)51N J Bucknell
on large triangular field east of old railway line in flocks of 23 at 16-10; 25 at 16-25 and 3 more at 16-30 - many juveniles among them.  
12/08/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)2N J Bucknell
by concrete road.  
12/08/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs22N J Bucknell
mobile flock on uncut wheat field north of track to E Ilsley.  
10/08/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)8N J Bucknell
in uncut wheat west of old railway.  
07/08/23Corn BuntingRoden Downs3N J Bucknell
together on overhead line by Ridgeway at foot of hill.  
07/08/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs4N J Bucknell
on circuit around Compton Gallops and field to west.  
07/08/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)20N J Bucknell
in mobile flock in wheat field west of old railway line.  
03/08/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)2N J Bucknell
by concrete road.  
03/08/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs1N J Bucknell
by junction of Ridgeway and track to East Ilsley.  
03/08/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)18N J Bucknell
flock in wheat field, north of track to Compton Downs.  
01/08/23Corn BuntingBury Down7N J Bucknell
along Ridgeway between western car park and Cow Down.  
29/07/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs4N J Bucknell
in strong breeze on circuit of Compton gallops & field to west.  
25/07/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs7N J Bucknell
on circuit around Compton Gallops and field to west.  
25/07/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)8N J Bucknell
21/07/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)10N J Bucknell
21/07/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs8N J Bucknell
on circuit around Compton Gallops and field to the west.  
13/07/23Corn BuntingWellbottom Down6N J Bucknell
13/07/23Corn BuntingSeven Barrows3N J Bucknell
also good numbers of butterflies, including 20+ Small Blue.  
07/07/23Corn BuntingWeathercock Hill22A B Tomczynski
04/07/23Corn BuntingStreatley1N J Bucknell
singing at Streatley Farm near Runsfold Hole, flew off to the south, then heard and seen again singing from top of a tree in the row of trees parallel to the Thames.  
03/07/23Corn BuntingWellbottom Down6N J Bucknell
this morning, 10-15 to 10-50, north side of the hill.  
01/07/23Corn BuntingBury Down15N J Bucknell
alongside Ridgeway between western car park and Sheep Down.  
01/07/23Corn BuntingCow Down, West Ilsley4N J Bucknell
along upper part of track down to West Ilsley.  
27/06/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)10N J Bucknell
27/06/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs12N J Bucknell
on circuit around track from Churn - Compton gallops - Ridgeway.  
25/06/23Corn BuntingBerkshire Downs at Aldworth6A B Tomczynski
23/06/23Corn BuntingSheep Down (West Ilsley)11A B Tomczynski
21/06/23Corn BuntingRoden Downs10R Dawson
Between Starveall and this location, with a detour S. SU526823.  
19/06/23Corn BuntingSeveral Down11A B Tomczynski
22/05/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs1L Southam
ad. on overhead wires. SU512831.  
16/05/23Corn BuntingWellbottom Down3N J Bucknell
singing birds on N & E side.  
15/05/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)5N J Bucknell
15/05/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs11N J Bucknell
on circuit around Compton Gallops this morning.  
13/05/23Corn BuntingEast Garston3B Lyle
NDOC survey of SU 37 E Garston, G Shefford, Trindledown.  
13/05/23Corn BuntingAldworth80N J Bucknell
along path from Ridgeway, and on fields either side.  
11/05/23Corn BuntingBury Down1P Campbell
Singing from the only tree next to the Southern carpark.  
07/05/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)5N J Bucknell
singing birds.  
07/05/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs11N J Bucknell
including 10 singing birds, on circuit up track from Churn, & along Ridgeway two sides of Compton gallops.  
02/05/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs10J T Taylor
02/05/23Corn BuntingWellbottom Down4N J Bucknell
on north and west sides.  
02/05/23Corn BuntingSeven Barrows5N J Bucknell
01/05/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)18N J Bucknell
east of old railway line, including 12 around old university outstation.  
25/04/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)46N J Bucknell
4 singing around old railway bridge and to the west of it at about 14-45, 40 in flock by old university outstation at 16-30, 2 by concrete road 16-50.  
23/04/23Corn BuntingSeven Barrows24N J Bucknell
2 singing birds & flock of 22.  
23/04/23Corn BuntingWellbottom Down3N J Bucknell
singing birds, one on north side at 15-30, two on west side at 15-45 and 16-05.  
20/04/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)4M Hannington
viewed from old railway bridge.  
18/04/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)60J T Taylor
Three groups of 15-25 walking from Disused Railway Bridge to former University Out Station.  
18/04/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)2R C Watts
17/04/23Corn BuntingRoden Downs1N J Bucknell
singing by Ridgeway.  
17/04/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)21N J Bucknell
16/04/23Corn BuntingEastbury2J Lerpiniere
11/04/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)14N J Bucknell
11/04/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs12N J Bucknell
around Compton gallops/triangular field to the west. 9 singing.  
09/04/23Corn BuntingStreatley Warren2S A Graham
03/04/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs7N J Bucknell
03/04/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)4N J Bucknell
along concrete road.  
27/03/23Corn BuntingRoden Downs6A B Tomczynski
20/03/23Corn BuntingCompton2N J Bucknell
at Churn Road.  
14/03/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs33N J Bucknell
1 by track to East Ilsley, near junction with Ridgeway at 15-00, 32 in bushes by Ridgeway, Compton Gallops at 15-10.  
19/02/23Corn BuntingSheepdrove Organic Farm40A B Tomczynski
Total counted.  
14/02/23Corn BuntingWest Ilsley3N J Bucknell
by track to Ridgeway up Hodcott Down.  
14/02/23Corn BuntingSheep Down (West Ilsley)250N J Bucknell
about half way down to West Ilsley on track from Ridgeway - large flock in bushes by track and gallops, and feeding on stubble that had been rolled on the west side of the track.  
11/02/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs47N J Bucknell
on telegraph line by track to East Ilsley.  
06/02/23Corn BuntingBury Down53A B Tomczynski
28/01/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs6N J Bucknell
on small triangular field by junction of Ridgeway, and tracks to E Ilsley & Churn Road Compton.  
21/01/23Corn BuntingEast Garston4B Lyle
mammals inc. hare, roe deer, fallow deer, fox, rabbit. NDOC SU37 survey incs. East Garston Down.  
15/01/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs34N J Bucknell
in and around triangular field left uncultivated NW of junction of Ridgeway and tracks to E Ilsley and Compton.  
06/01/23Corn BuntingChurn Farm (Oxon)1N J Bucknell
near old university outstation.  
06/01/23Corn BuntingRoden Downs2N J Bucknell
singing in field south of Ridgeway.  
06/01/23Corn BuntingCompton Downs65N J Bucknell
on and around overgrown small triangular field NW of junction of Ridgeway & tracks to Compton & E Ilsley. .  
02/01/23Corn BuntingWest Ilsley14N J Bucknell
10 in mixed finch & bunting flock near Ridgeway at Sheep Down at 10 am, also 3 down track to the village and 1 east of Bury Down car parks later.