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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2023 and 31/12/2023.

27/08/23NightjarSonning Meadows1D Broadbridge
in tree tunnel, high in trees, calling for over 5 minutes, carrion crow arrived and it left. SU757760.  
10/08/23NightjarUfton Nervet4P Hickman
males. Three males together apparently defending territories at the east end of Church Plantation and one (or two) churring briefly at the west end.  
17/07/23NightjarBucklebury Common12J Blunt
Approximate count based on sightings and sounds.  
08/07/23NightjarGreenham Common4S Scott
Seen and heard during a BBOWT Nightjar walk. At least 4 birds churring with a possible 5th. Wing clapping also heard,. Please keep to the main paths.  
07/07/23NightjarBucklebury Common1C Stewart
Several heard churring, one seen flying then resting on telegraph in clearing at the top of Cabinswood Lane. SU5568.  
01/07/23NightjarRoundoak Piece2S A Graham
Single feeding over open ground to NE, then a alighting in firs, then extended churring and wing clapping before 2 birds sailed out of firs chasing over my head and disappeared south of the track.  
23/06/23NightjarUpper Bucklebury2G Stewart
Pair seen flying together -one heard churring simultaneously with one calling whilst flying- a couple of brief glimpses Nightjars flying - good and close view of one seen and heard churring on nearby telegraph pole.  
24/06/23NightjarButtersteep Hill, Swinley Forest14D Sussex
count of churring birds across parts of Buttersteep Forest and Brick Pits.  
24/06/23NightjarGreenham Common3S Stevenson
At least. Churring, ke-wicking, wing claps, the whole shizzle. SU500647. Please keep to the main paths.  
25/06/23NightjarBucklebury Common9R Crawford
At least, probably more, including a fledged juvenile being fed by its parents, all three flying round together and perched on a dead silver birch branch. Lots of sightings and wing-clapping but all activity virtually ceased by 04.15.  
21/06/23NightjarBucklebury Common4B Lyle
17/06/23NightjarRoundoak Piece5M S Shaw
Two seen with one only 20 above me. The other clapping it's wings. Three others churring.  
15/06/23NightjarUpper Star Post, Swinley Forest1P Bright-Thomas
m. Brief churring, one hour before sunset.  
14/06/23NightjarPeckmoor Copse, Greenham Common1D W Kelson
male. Singing, wing-clapping, hunting.  
14/06/23NightjarUfton Nervet1P Hickman
On Park Piece north of the Oval Pond.  
14/06/23NightjarRoundoak Piece1P Hickman
Just south of the track south of the Oval Pond.  
14/06/23NightjarRoundoak Piece1P Hickman
Flew from east side of enclosed area near Camp Road.  
13/06/23NightjarWildmoor Heath Nature Reserve2J Carson
Possibly 3. One seen in the big area with pylons, but flew over and away. Not long later heard churring from pylon area, but could be same bird back. Then definitely heard another bird in separate clearing on way back out towards Lower Broadmoor Road.  
12/06/23NightjarMortimer2P Driver
In the heart of the village, seen and heard churring and wing-clapping on Stephens Road, Leighfield and Croft Road. Watched from my driveway - a first for me having lived here 24 years.  
12/06/23NightjarWildmoor Heath Nature Reserve1J Carson
Heard churring. Then flew close over. In the open area with the pylons.  
11/06/23NightjarUpper Bucklebury2G Stewart
One heard churring and one heard flying at the same time. The churring nightjar was heard at four locations in close proximity so presumably the same bird and it was also heard flying. No Woodcock - Deer heard barking and Tawny Owl heard calling in the distance.  
09/06/23NightjarBishop's Green2M J Taylor
m+f. Bishops Green Heath, BBOWT nightjar survey - male churring, and presumed female seen flying nearby.  
09/06/23NightjarMortimer2P Hickman
At least two males present at Brocas Plantation.  
09/06/23NightjarMortimer2P Hickman
At least two present at Holden's Firs.  
09/06/23NightjarMortimer2P Hickman
male. Two males chasing each other over College Piece close to Longmoor Lane after male seen agitated on a log.  
08/06/23NightjarMortimer1P Hickman
Churring from pine in the area of low vegetation south of Reading Road. Just in Berks. SU638654.  
08/06/23NightjarMortimer1P Hickman
South of Four Houses Corner.  
08/06/23NightjarMortimer1P Hickman
Possibly two birds west of the public footpath and west of the road at Holden’s Firs.  
07/06/23NightjarBucklebury Common1C Stewart
! seen and heard in a clearing top of Pease Hill. SU5568.  
05/06/23NightjarRoundoak Piece2P Hickman
One churring briefly in fenced off area and one about 100 metres west of the fenced off area churring well in area of low vegetation.  
03/06/23NightjarBucklebury Common10J Blunt
At least 10, churring and flying around in the clearings either side of Pease Hill.  
29/05/23NightjarUpper Bucklebury2G Stewart
Two heard churring simultaneously and 3 sightings of one seen flying around. No Woodcock!!  
28/05/23NightjarRoundoak Piece1S A Graham
Single did a clock wise circuit of the plantation, but only heard and eventualy settled back south of track against a backdrop of fireworks.  
27/05/23NightjarCaesar's Camp, Swinley Forest2D Claydon
Heard in 4 locations seen once.  
26/05/23NightjarSwinley Forest3A B Tomczynski
Two churning in large clearing at SU689656. One seen perched churning and flying about catching moths and clapping. Third bird at Caesar's Camp.  
26/05/23NightjarRoundoak Piece3M S Shaw
Three birds churring, but none seen.  
26/05/23NightjarUfton Nervet Woods2P Driver
On Church Plantation. One flew round me to check me out while another was 'cuicking' a few metres away. At least two, churring and wing-clapping.  
25/05/23NightjarRoundoak Piece2P Hickman
One at the north end of the fenced off area and one flew into the fenced off area from the west then churring from a pine.  
25/05/23NightjarPease Lane Upper Bucklebury3C Stewart
2 heard churring for several minutes then both seen flying in the clearing and resting on the telegraph pole. A third heard churring to the west of Pease Lane . SU5568.  
25/05/23NightjarCrowthorne Wood3R J Godden
m. One singing almost non-stop for 15 mins from trees near top of hill, and was joined in flight by another. A third was heard distantly to the south-east.  
23/05/23NightjarPadworth Common2P Hickman
At least two churring on the area south of the road.  
21/05/23NightjarSwinley Forest4D Sussex
churring at 4 sites from Lower Star to Surrey Hill.  
21/05/23NightjarBucklebury Common4T Hultmark
Churring mainly and one clap, no sightings.  
19/05/23NightjarUfton Nervet2P Hickman
Two birds churring and one showing very well in flight.  
19/05/23NightjarRoundoak Piece2R C Watts
Late news from last night. Heard one saw other right in front of us in flight and briefly on branch. with R.S.B.M.A.A M.A J. and G.B. @ 9:25 pm.  
18/05/23NightjarSnelsmore Common3M Stuttard
South of car park on the Mire trail.  
18/05/23NightjarSwinley Forest1D Sussex
surprise NJ churring for a couple of minutes this morning near Pudding Hill whilst doing BBS.  
17/05/23NightjarRoundoak Piece2R Hanson
m. 1 heard deep in trees, 1 seen circling display flight with white wing flashes across on Hundred Acre Piece.  
17/05/23NightjarBucklebury Common2R Crawford
Churring, possibly three present.  
11/05/23NightjarRoundoak Piece1P Hickman
m. Brief contact call and short churring.Not seen.  
10/05/23NightjarUfton Nervet1A B Merrick
Heard churring from various spots in Church Piece whilst pulled up in car on road for 5 minutes.  
07/05/23NightjarBucklebury Common2R Crawford
Churring, one flew close and landed on the very same branch a Tawny Owl landed on minutes earlier.  
04/05/23NightjarSwinley Forest3D Sussex
2 near Rapley, 1 near The Look Out.  
04/05/23NightjarSwinley Park2S D Abbott
One churring male and second bird circling me overhead. SU898679.