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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2023 and 31/12/2023.

08/12/23Hen HarrierRoden Downs1A B Tomczynski
immature. Seen four times. Flying fast low over fields seemingly erratic at times showing white rump. On last sighting it flew up high and sparred with red kites before flying over into Oxon. Viewed at distance through scope showed pale upper wing coverts on a plain wing and very dark underwing secondaries so presume its a juvenile/immature bird. SU528813.  
23/11/23Hen HarrierCompton Downs1N J Bucknell
female/juv - ringtail. Flying west over triangular field NW of junction of Ridgeway & track to East Ilsley.  
30/10/23Hen HarrierWhitley Wood, Reading1C Gent
seen from M3, flying east low too nth side of M3 just east of footbridge V'd wings and long tail, head downwards definitely a harrier. tail too long and wings too narrow for marsh, too short and wide and not bouncy enough for Montagu's. Cannot rule out Pallid but I safe to assume a hen .