Lower Caversham

Grid Reference: SU7274

Recent sightings at Lower Caversham

12/05/22SwiftLower Caversham1R Dryden
Strange spectacle of a battle between a swift and a Starling. I can only assume that Starlings have taken over the nest hole the Swifts used last year on Briants Avenue and on returning the swift flew up to the hole, only to be met by an irate starling. The pair tumbled through the air with the swift being forced to the ground, stopping the traffic. A beeped horn separated the pair and the swift managed to take off again pursued by the starling over the rooftops.  
13/05/22BuzzardLower Caversham1R Sajdak
Flying over my garden chased by two crows making lots of noise.  
09/03/22Green WoodpeckerLower Caversham1R Sajdak
In my garden very vocal.  
08/03/22BlackcapLower Caversham1R Sajdak
male. Feeding on my apple in the garden.  
27/02/22Reed BuntingLower Caversham1S Wearing
male. First sighting of a male in my garden this year. In breeding plumage. SU726743.