Work in progress 2023

The following is a list of all records currently being assessed by the BRC. This is a "work in progress" list and is for guidance only. If you have any information regarding records marked "NDR" (no description received) please read the submission guidelines and send any documentation to Records of species in categories 1-3 cannot be accepted without a description.

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Category 2

Cattle Egret, Chapel Green, 1, 26th January to 8th February.IC
Cattle Egret, Thatcham, 1, 23rd-26th March.IC
Cattle Egret, Theale GPs, 1, 3rd April.IC
Cattle Egret, Lea Farm Lake, 1, 8th April.NDR
Cattle Egret, Theale GPs, 1 (adult), 18th July.IC
Cattle Egret, Lower Farm GP, 18 (17 adults and one juvenile), 10th-11th August.IC
Cattle Egret, Dinton Pastures CP, 1, 11th August.IC
Cattle Egret, Cock Marsh, 16, 11th August.IC
Cattle Egret, Theale GPs, 1, 26th August.IC
Cattle Egret, Lea Farm Lake, 1 (adult), 16th September.IC
Cattle Egret, Fleethill Farm, 1, 24th September.IC
Pink-footed Goose, Theale GPs, 1 (adult), 2nd-4th February.IC
Pink-footed Goose, Sulhamstead, 1, 4th February.IC
Pink-footed Goose, Theale GPs, 1, 1st-16th May.IC
Pink-footed Goose, Lea Farm Lake, 1 (adult), 11th-30th October.IC
Pink-footed Goose, Spencers Wood, 1, 12th October.IC
Ring-necked Duck, Moor Green Lakes, 2 (female), 14th January to 17th February.IC
Ring-necked Duck, Wraysbury, 2, 21st October.AR
Long-tailed Duck, Queen Mother Reservoir, 1 (female/immature), 1st November.IC
Honey-buzzard, Confidential, 1 (adult), 16th July.IC
Honey-buzzard, Confidential, 1, 10th August.IC
Honey-buzzard, Confidential, 1 (juvenile), 19th August.IC
White-tailed Eagle, Walbury Hill, 1, 22nd March.IC
White-tailed Eagle, Sheep Down (West Ilsley), 1 (juvenile), 1st August.IC
White-tailed Eagle, Southcote, Reading, 1, 7th August.IC
Montagu's Harrier, Confidential, 1 (male), 7th June.IC
Goshawk, Confidential, 1 (juvenile), 2nd March.IC
Goshawk, Confidential, 3 (two adult and one juvenile), 2nd March.IC
Goshawk, Confidential, 2, 21st March to 8th April.NDR
Goshawk, Confidential, 1 (adult), 23rd March.IC
Goshawk, Confidential, 1, 29th April.AR
Goshawk, Confidential, 1 (Juvenile male), 7th July.IC
Corncrake, Confidential, 1, 3rd June.IC
Corncrake, Confidential, 1, 10th June.IC
Crane, Maidenhead, 2, 7th March.NDR
Crane, Winter Hill, Cookham Dean, 1 (adult), 7th April.IC
Crane, Purley on Thames, Reading, 1, 30th April.IC
Spotted Redshank, Moor Green Lakes, 2 (juvenile), 25th August.IC
Caspian Gull, Lower Farm GP, 2 (third-winter and first-winter), 20th January.NDR
Caspian Gull, Theale GPs, 1 (adult), 23rd January.NDR
Caspian Gull, Lower Farm GP, 1 (first-winter), 23rd-27th August.NDR
Caspian Gull, Lower Farm GP, 1 (third-winter), 7th October.NDR
Caspian Gull, Theale GPs, 1 (adult), 12th October.IC
Caspian Gull, West Ilsley, 1 (first-winter), 1st December.IC
Turtle Dove, Thatcham, 1, 3rd May.NDR
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Winterbourne Holt, 1 (male), 9th February.IC
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Moor Green Lakes, 1 (male), 21st February.IC
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Silwood Park, 1, 11th March.AR
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Crookham Common, 1, 3rd April.IC
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Windsor Great Park, 1, 7th April.IC
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Crowthorne, 1, 13th May.NDR
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Finchampstead, 1, 25th November.IC
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Bisham, 1 (male), 9th December.IC
Waxwing, Spencers Wood, 5, 15th December.IC
Waxwing, Ascot, 20, 29th-31st December.IC
Siberian Chiffchaff, Lower Farm GP, 1, 1st January.NDR
Siberian Chiffchaff, Sandhurst SF, 1, 10th February.IC
Tree Sparrow, River Thames Meadows at Purley, 1, 6th June.IC
Tree Sparrow, Buckler's Forest, 1, 9th June.IC
Mealy Redpoll, College Town, 1, 29th January.AR

Category 3

Great Northern Diver, Theale GPs, 1 (juvenile), 3rd November to 22nd December.IC
Great Northern Diver, Woolhampton GPs, 1, 15th-21st December.IC
Black-necked Grebe, Lower Farm GP, 5, 22nd March.IC
Black-necked Grebe, Queen Mother Reservoir, 1, 29th March to 2nd April.IC
Black-necked Grebe, Theale GPs, 6, 10th-16th April.IC
Garganey, Lavell's Lake, 1 (male), 18th-24th March.IC
Garganey, Theale GPs, 1 (male), 4th-8th April.IC
Garganey, Moor Green Lakes, 2, 5th-22nd April.IC
Garganey, Moor Green Lakes, 2, 13th-25th August.IC
Garganey, Lower Farm GP, 1 (juvenile), 2nd September.IC
Garganey, Moor Green Lakes, 1 (juvenile), 17th-24th September.IC
Scaup, Theale GPs, 1 (female), 27th-28th October.IC
Common Scoter, Queen Mother Reservoir, 5 (three male, 2 female), 29th August.IC
Common Scoter, Theale GPs, 6 (female/immature), 4th November.IC
Marsh Harrier, Lavell's Lake, 1 (female), 29th January.IC
Marsh Harrier, Eton Wick, 1, 1st-7th February.IC
Marsh Harrier, Eton Wick, 1, 3rd March.IC
Marsh Harrier, Eton Wick, 1 (female), 28th March.AR
Marsh Harrier, Moor Green Lakes, 2, 27th May to 15th October.IC
Marsh Harrier, Woolhampton GPs, 1, 28th July.IC
Marsh Harrier, West Ilsley, 1, 7th August.IC
Marsh Harrier, Lavell's Lake, 1, 11th August.IC
Marsh Harrier, Shaw, Newbury, 1, 12th September.NDR
Marsh Harrier, Lower Farm GP, 1 (juvenile), 18th September.IC
Hen Harrier, Compton Downs, 1 (female/immature), 23rd November to 8th December.IC
Osprey, Tilehurst, 1, 28th March.IC
Osprey, Thatcham, 1, 5th April.AR
Osprey, Hamstead Marshall, 1, 25th May.IC
Osprey, Newbury, 1, 9th August.IC
Osprey, Shaw, Newbury, 1, 21st August.NDR
Osprey, Silwood Park, 1, 25th August.IC
Merlin, Sulhamstead, 1 (first-winter), 16th January.IC
Merlin, Jouldings Farm, Farley Hill, 1, 30th January.IC
Merlin, Cow Down, West Ilsley, 1 (probable immature female), 31st January.IC
Merlin, Brimpton Airfield, 1 (probable immature male), 9th February.IC
Merlin, Fobney Meadow, 1 (male), 16th February.IC
Merlin, Bury Down, 1 (female/immature), 27th March.IC
Merlin, Englefield, 1 (female/juvenile), 9th September.NDR
Merlin, Hurley, 1, 4th October.IC
Merlin, Lea Farm Lake, 1, 8th October.NDR
Merlin, Finchampstead Ridges, 1 (male), 13th October.IC
Merlin, Lea Farm Lake, 1, 30th October.IC
Merlin, Eastbury Fields, 1 (male), 5th November.IC
Merlin, Wellington College, 1, 24th December.IC
Quail, Sheep Down (West Ilsley), 1, 13th May.IC
Quail, Poors' Furze, 1, 1st June.AR
Quail, Eastbury, 10, 24th-30th June.IC
Quail, Weathercock Hill, 2, 7th July.IC
Quail, Woose Hill, 1, 12th August.IC
Avocet, Queen Mother Reservoir, 1, 11th August.IC
Avocet, Eton Wick, 1, 1st September.IC
Grey Plover, Queen Mother Reservoir, 1, 29th March.IC
Grey Plover, Padworth Lane floods, 1, 14th-15th May.IC
Knot, Dinton Pastures CP, 1, 1st September.IC
Sanderling, Padworth Lane floods, 2, 7th May.IC
Sanderling, Moor Green Lakes, 1, 23rd May.IC
Sanderling, Theale GPs, 1, 31st May.IC
Sanderling, Queen Mother Reservoir, 3, 1st June.IC
Sanderling, Moor Green Lakes, 2, 2nd June.IC
Sanderling, Queen Mother Reservoir, 1, 18th July.IC
Bar-tailed Godwit, Moor Green Lakes, 1, 20th April.IC
Bar-tailed Godwit, Moor Green Lakes, 1, 21st April.IC
Wood Sandpiper, Moor Green Lakes, 1, 27th-28th April.IC
Wood Sandpiper, Moor Green Lakes, 1, 8th May.IC
Wood Sandpiper, Chamberhouse Marsh, 1, 18th May.NDR
Wood Sandpiper, Padworth Lane floods, 1, 19th May.IC
Wood Sandpiper, Woose Hill, 1, 27th June.AR
Wood Sandpiper, Lea Farm Lake, 1, 27th June.IC
Wood Sandpiper, Moor Green Lakes, 1, 7th August.IC
Wood Sandpiper, Moor Green Lakes, 1, 24th August.IC
Little Gull, Theale GPs, 26, 20th April.IC
Little Gull, Theale GPs, 4, 21st April.IC
Little Gull, Moor Green Lakes, 3, 23rd April.IC
Little Gull, Moor Green Lakes, 1, 22nd May.IC
Yellow-legged Gull, Lavell's Lake, 2, 11th April.IC
Kittiwake, Padworth Lane floods, 1, 1st-3rd January.IC
Kittiwake, Theale GPs, 1, 7th March.IC
Kittiwake, Theale GPs, 1, 14th-18th April.IC
Kittiwake, Moor Green Lakes, 1, 14th April.IC
Sandwich Tern, Lower Farm GP, 1, 13th August.NDR
Sandwich Tern, Queen Mother Reservoir, 11, 29th August.IC
Sandwich Tern, Queen Mother Reservoir, 2, 8th September.IC
Arctic Tern, Moor Green Lakes, 2, 24th April.IC
Arctic Tern, Theale GPs, 4, 27th April.IC
Arctic Tern, Woose Hill, 2, 29th April.AR
Arctic Tern, Theale GPs, 1, 4th May.IC
Arctic Tern, Theale GPs, 9, 6th May.IC
Arctic Tern, Theale GPs, 1, 7th May.IC
Water Pipit, Queen Mother Reservoir, 1, 7th-8th February.IC
Water Pipit, Fobney Meadow, 1, 11th March.IC
White Wagtail, Thatcham, 1, 1st-4th November.AR
Black Redstart, Confidential, 1, 18th March to 22nd October.IC
Black Redstart, Confidential, 3, 10th May to 10th July.IC
Black Redstart, Confidential, 1, 29th May to 14th June.IC
Black Redstart, Moor Green Lakes, 1, 16th December.IC
Ring Ouzel, Greenham Common, 1 (male), 20th-24th March.IC
Ring Ouzel, West Woodhay Down, 2, 16th April.IC
Ring Ouzel, Warfield, 1 (male), 21st April.IC
Ring Ouzel, Theale GPs, 1 (male), 19th November.IC
Yellow-browed Warbler, Lea Farm Lake, 1, 20th January.IC
Willow Tit, Confidential, 3, 7th February to 6th November.NDR
Willow Tit, Confidential, 2, 28th August to 27th September.NDR
Willow Tit, Confidential, 1, 17th December.AR
Hawfinch, Mortimer, 1, 1st January.IC
Hawfinch, Combe, 7, 11th-12th February.IC
Hawfinch, Windsor, 1, 13th February.IC
Hawfinch, Aldermaston, 15, 21st February to 2nd March.IC
Hawfinch, Fobney Meadow, 1, 12th March.IC
Hawfinch, Emmer Green, 1, 23rd April.AR
Hawfinch, Woose Hill, 1, 15th October.IC