Work in progress

The following is a list of all records currently being assessed by the BRC. This is a "work in progress" list and is for guidance only. The BRC publishes its adjudication decisions in periodical reports available on the BOC and NDOC websites and in the Birds of Berkshire Annual Reports. Once a record is published in the annual report it is removed from this list. If you have any information regarding records marked "NDR" (no description received) please read the submission guidelines and send any documentation to Records of species in categories 1-3 cannot be accepted without a description.

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2020 Category 1

2020Bonaparte's Gull, Wraysbury GPs, 21st-22nd March. (C D R Heard)OK

2020 Category 2

2020Manx Shearwater, Theale GPs, 5th September.IC
2020Night-heron, Dinton Pastures CP, juvenile, 6th-26th August.IC
2020Cattle Egret, Charvil, two, 24th April, Same as Lea Farm GP.IC
2020Cattle Egret, Lea Farm Lake, two, 24th April.NDR
2020Cattle Egret, Dinton Pastures CP, 16th August.IC
2020Cattle Egret, Charvil, 11th-12th September.IC
2020Cattle Egret, Theale GPs, 21st September.IC
2020Cattle Egret, Lower Farm GP, 25th September to 23rd December.IC
2020White Stork, Beale Park, Lower Basildon, 16th March.NDR
2020White Stork, Moor Green Lakes, 16th March.IC
2020White Stork, Moss End, 23rd April.IC
2020White Stork, Newbury, 24th April.IC
2020White Stork, Fobney Meadow, 2, 19th-20th May.IC
2020White Stork, Cookham, 3rd June.IC
2020White Stork, Midgham, 14th July to 24th August.IC
2020Green-winged Teal, Eton Wick, 29th December.NDR
2020Eider, Theale GPs, 2nd-3rd October.IC
2020Ruddy Duck, Confidential, 25th December to 11th April 2021.IC
2020White-tailed Eagle, East Ilsley, 11th February.NDR
2020White-tailed Eagle, Hungerford, 3rd April.NDR
2020White-tailed Eagle, Wokingham, 4th April.NDR
2020White-tailed Eagle, Hurst, 6th September.NDR
2020Goshawk, Confidential, 2, 7th March.IC
2020Goshawk, Confidential, 2, 1st April to 15th July.IC
2020Goshawk, Confidential, 5, 14th June.IC
2020Goshawk, Confidential, 5th September.NDR
2020Spotted Redshank, Moor Green Lakes, 29th April.IC
2020Caspian Gull, Queen Mother Reservoir, 15th August.IC
2020Caspian Gull, Lower Farm GP, 6th September.NDR
2020Caspian Gull, Lower Farm GP, 30th October.NDR
2020Caspian Gull, Lower Farm GP, 12th-17th November.NDR
2020Caspian Gull, Theale GPs, first-winter, 27th November.IC
2020Caspian Gull, Theale GPs, second-winter, 30th November.IC
2020Turtle Dove, Confidential, 16th May to 16th June.IC
2020Turtle Dove, Tilehurst, 9th July.NDR
2020Turtle Dove, Compton Downs, 22nd August.IC
2020Long-eared Owl, Confidential, 5, 20th January to 6th February.IC
2020Long-eared Owl, Confidential, 25th-27th June.IC
2020Wryneck, Greenham Common, 15th September.IC
2020Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Virginia Water, 8th March.NDR
2020Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Greenham Common, 3rd-6th April.IC
2020Wood Warbler, Bucklebury Common, 2nd-4th May.IC
2020Wood Warbler, Crookham Common, 6th May.NDR
2020Siberian Chiffchaff, Eton Wick, 7th-8th January.IC
2020Pied Flycatcher, Snelsmore Common, 2, 24th-26th May.IC
2020Pied Flycatcher, Greenham Common, 27th August.NDR

2020 Category 3

2020Slavonian Grebe, Theale GPs, 3rd-4th January.IC
2020Black-necked Grebe, Theale GPs, 3, 1st-10th January.IC
2020Black-necked Grebe, Lower Farm GP, 11th January.IC
2020Black-necked Grebe, Burghfield GPs, 3rd-10th February.NDR
2020Black-necked Grebe, Lower Farm GP, 8th February to 21st March.IC
2020Black-necked Grebe, Theale GPs, 2nd March.IC
2020Whooper Swan, Lower Farm GP, 15th October.IC
2020Whooper Swan, Streatley, 12th-14th December.IC
2020White-fronted Goose, Theale GPs, 8, 1st January.IC
2020White-fronted Goose, Temple, 13, 1st-13th December.IC
2020White-fronted Goose, Horton Brook Quarry, 4, 2nd December.IC
2020White-fronted Goose, Theale GPs, 27, 5th-19th December.IC
2020White-fronted Goose, Burghfield GPs, 12th-13th December.IC
2020Garganey, Lower Farm GP, 2, 18th March.IC
2020Garganey, Padworth Lane floods, 2, 22nd-23rd March.IC
2020Garganey, Dorney Wetlands, 2, 23rd March.IC
2020Garganey, Martin's Heron, Bracknell, 2, 28th April.IC
2020Garganey, Moor Green Lakes, 15th May.IC
2020Garganey, Eton Wick, 13th-14th June.IC
2020Garganey, Great Meadow Pond, juvenile, 26th June to 2nd August.IC
2020Garganey, Eton Wick, 13th September.IC
2020Garganey, Burghfield GPs, 20th September.NDR
2020Garganey, Lower Farm GP, 28th October.NDR
2020Scaup, Moor Green Lakes, 19th January.NDR
2020Scaup, Burghfield GPs, 28th November to 16th March 2021.IC
2020Common Scoter, Palmer Park, Reading, 2nd April.IC
2020Common Scoter, Reading, 2nd April.IC
2020Common Scoter, Emmer Green, 3, 2nd April.IC
2020Common Scoter, Windsor, 2nd April.IC
2020Common Scoter, Palmer Park, Reading, 3rd April.IC
2020Common Scoter, Virginia Water, 15th May.NDR
2020Common Scoter, Theale GPs, 22nd May.NDR
2020Common Scoter, Queen Mother Reservoir, 3, 16th August.IC
2020Marsh Harrier, Lea Farm Lake, 6th January.IC
2020Marsh Harrier, Great Meadow Pond, juvenile, 30th August.IC
2020Marsh Harrier, Great Meadow Pond, juvenile female, 20th September to 1st November.IC
2020Hen Harrier, Roden Downs, 2nd-5th January.IC
2020Hen Harrier, Bury Down, 12th February.IC
2020Hen Harrier, Palmer Park, Reading, 7th May.IC
2020Hen Harrier, Farnborough, 18th October to 20th December.IC
2020Hen Harrier, Bury Down, 20th November.NDR
2020Osprey, Kintbury, 15th-18th May.NDR
2020Osprey, Swallowfield, 30th July.IC
2020Osprey, Theale GPs, 5th October.NDR
2020Osprey, Arborfield, 19th October.NDR
2020Merlin, Aldworth, 2nd January.IC
2020Merlin, Compton Downs, 4th January.IC
2020Merlin, Great Shefford, 17th January.NDR
2020Merlin, Bury Down, 29th January.IC
2020Merlin, Streatley, 4th February.NDR
2020Merlin, Compton Downs, 1st March.IC
2020Merlin, Burghfield, 14th March.IC
2020Merlin, Lavell's Lake, 8th August.NDR
2020Merlin, Cow Down, West Ilsley, 20th September.IC
2020Merlin, Englefield, 25th October.NDR
2020Merlin, South Fawley, 4th November.IC
2020Merlin, Theale, 5th December.NDR
2020Merlin, Frost Folly, 5th December.NDR
2020Merlin, Sandhurst GPs, 10th December.NDR
2020Merlin, Cox Green, Maidenhead, 12th December.IC
2020Merlin, Woolley Down, 19th December.IC
2020Quail, Wellbottom Down, 3, 20th May to 29th July.IC
2020Quail, Compton Downs, 13th June.IC
2020Quail, Eastbury Down, 25th-27th June.IC
2020Quail, Roden Downs, 3, 1st-12th July.IC
2020Quail, Hampstead Norreys, 2nd August.NDR
2020Quail, Upper Bucklebury, 13th August.NDR
2020Avocet, Lower Farm GP, 27th August.IC
2020Grey Plover, Queen Mother Reservoir, 9th October.IC
2020Knot, Queen Mother Reservoir, 16th-23rd August.IC
2020Knot, Queen Mother Reservoir, 11th September.IC
2020Sanderling, Queen Mother Reservoir, 2nd June.IC
2020Wood Sandpiper, Fobney Meadow, 16th May.IC
2020Wood Sandpiper, Lea Farm Lake, 4th July.IC
2020Little Gull, Lower Farm GP, 16th February.IC
2020Little Gull, Theale GPs, 9th April.NDR
2020Little Gull, Moor Green Lakes, 18th April.IC
2020Kittiwake, Lower Farm GP, 10th-12th February.IC
2020Kittiwake, Queen Mother Reservoir, 2nd November.IC
2020Sandwich Tern, Woodlands Park, Maidenhead, 21st April.IC
2020Sandwich Tern, Queen Mother Reservoir, 3, 10th September.IC
2020Arctic Tern, Dinton Pastures CP, 3, 7th August.NDR
2020Arctic Tern, Queen Mother Reservoir, 34, 25th August.IC
2020Arctic Tern, Theale GPs, 2, 2nd September.IC
2020Arctic Tern, Queen Mother Reservoir, 3, 3rd September.IC
2020Hoopoe, Newbury, 19th February.NDR
2020Hoopoe, Lower Farm Trout Lake, 19th April.IC
2020Rock Pipit, Queen Mother Reservoir, 3, 16th October.IC
2020Water Pipit, Queen Mother Reservoir, 14th-16th January.IC
2020Water Pipit, Queen Mother Reservoir, 14th February.IC
2020Water Pipit, Queen Mother Reservoir, 16th March.IC
2020Water Pipit, Fobney Meadow, 3, 6th April.IC
2020Water Pipit, Queen Mother Reservoir, 7th November.IC
2020Water Pipit, Fobney Meadow, 17th December.IC
2020White Wagtail, Greenham Common, 23rd August.IC
2020White Wagtail, Crookham Common, 31st August.NDR
2020White Wagtail, Eton, 20th September.NDR
2020White Wagtail, Lower Farm GP, 20th-27th September.NDR
2020White Wagtail, Moor Green Lakes, 25th September.IC
2020Black Redstart, Confidential, 6, 3rd April to 16th October.IC
2020Black Redstart, Greenham Common, 16th-17th April.IC
2020Black Redstart, Woolhampton GPs, 8th-9th November.IC
2020Black Redstart, Barkham, 8th-11th December.IC
2020Ring Ouzel, Warfield, 26th April.NDR
2020Ring Ouzel, Greenham Common, 2, 29th September.IC
2020Ring Ouzel, Greenham Common, 17th October.NDR
2020Ring Ouzel, Lavell's Lake, 18th October.IC
2020Willow Tit, Welford, 4, 11th January to 16th August.NDR
2020Willow Tit, Combe Wood, 3, 20th January to 14th October.IC
2020Willow Tit, Walbury Hill, 2, 7th February to 25th October.IC
2020Hawfinch, Upper Bucklebury, 2, 8th January.NDR
2020Hawfinch, Combe Hill, 14, 24th-29th January.IC
2020Hawfinch, Englefield, 26th February.NDR
2020Hawfinch, Lavell's Lake, 17th May.NDR
2020Hawfinch, Woose Hill, 30th September.IC
2020Hawfinch, Englefield, 17th October.NDR
2020Hawfinch, Woose Hill, 26th October.IC
2020Hawfinch, Crowthorne, 29th October.IC