Nigel Bass

Recent sightings

12/05/24CuckooDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River2N Bass
1st bird flew from STW to tree on north bank of Jubilee, perched for about 1min then flew to south bank. Landed just east of eastern most screen. Almost immediately a male calling from north bank, flew east parallel to river. About 10 mins later & 75m further east, a male, presumably the same bird, flew from STW direction, landed momentarily in tree on north bank of Jubilee, called once, then flew on to south bank. Called intermittently from south bank for next 5 mins.  
07/05/24HobbyDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River2N Bass
30/04/24HobbyDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River2N Bass
19/04/24Common SandpiperDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River3N Bass
Perched on yellow buoys marking weir on Jubilee River.  
16/04/24CuckooDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River1N Bass
male. Heard only, not seen. Single burst of 'song'.  
29/02/24Bar-headed GooseWindsor Great Park1N Bass
With group of Greylags in field off Dukes Lane. SU953706.  

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