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07/08/23WHITE-TAILED EAGLESouthcote, Reading1A V Lawson
Over Southcote at about 05:20 heading north west. Calling (which is what alerted me to it) .  
01/08/23WHITE-TAILED EAGLESheep Down (West Ilsley)1N J Bucknell
juv. Seen going west over Cow Down into Oxon, then west over the horizon, accompanied by 4 Red Kites harrying it, initially about 80ft up, but gradually climbing/thermaling up with occasional deep wing beats . Large size, long broad wings (each appearing the length of the entire wingspan of the kites) and projecting primaries noted, short rounded tail and projecting head. Generally dark underneath (but seen against blue sky), mottled above, paler on upper body, especially head and upper tail. Prominent white patches on inner upper wing (tertials/tertial covets?). Presumably from Isle of Wight/South coast introductions?