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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2023 and 31/12/2023.

03/12/23TurnstoneQueen Mother Reservoir1L Thorn
Key holders only.  
25/09/23TurnstoneQueen Mother Reservoir10P J Newbound
Flew through low, did not land. Consulting the last edition of Birds of Berkshire and searching this site, 10 birds in one flock may be a record. Key holders only.  
28/05/23TurnstoneNew workings, Moor Green Lakes1J Carson
Summer plumage. Seen from 10yrds left of grey box. On West Fen. North side. Please only view from the public footpath.  
17/04/23TurnstoneQueen Mother Reservoir1P J Newbound
on clubhouse beach at 10.00 but does disappear at other times. Key holders only.  
17/04/23TurnstoneQueen Mother Reservoir1A B Tomczynski
In front of sailing club. Key holders only.  
16/04/23TurnstoneQueen Mother Reservoir1P J Newbound
Briefly by pier. Key holders only.  

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